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Ryslen Flurry 2002

Neva's Flight

Time passed at Ryslen - and dragons hatched, grew, fought, and flew in a continual cycle. Days passed, and things changed. The once rough, craterlike appearance of Ryslen was almost gone, as the stoneworkers worked from the first light of dawn to the last of dusk's glimmer to make Ryslen into a more modern - and more universally accepted landmark.

Ryslen was becoming a castle within the crimson mountains of East Rock. What was once called the weyrbowl was now a huge courtyard with a lake (sandy, as always) within the carved stone of Ryslen. A huge keystone archway replaces the natural cavern entrance to the hatching sands, which have been completely remodeled into three more-or-less seperate sands with much more and much more comfortable seating.

Tiyanni, with her silvering auburn hair blowing in the autumnal breezes, stands on Litayth's ledge and lokos out towards the colorful sunset. A glimmer of a thought of the Rainbow Braethas Raug slips through her mind, and the memory of the Flurry hatching comes to mind as a few of the snowflake dappled dragons from that event crossed through the retired weyrwoman's field of vision. On the horizon, something appeared, and grew steadily - a large white vision. Neva, the white dragon of Ryslen.

"Neva is home earlier than I expected." Tiyanni murmured, tucking a stray tendril of hair away behind her ear.

The time she was gone was irrelevant. How many adventures could she have had, and then jumped back here?

Tiyanni laughed. "Perhaps someday she'll tell us of her adventures."

Perhaps she will. Litayth purred, and rose from where she had been sprawled on the warm stone to make room for the white dragoness.

"Welcome home, Neva." Tiyanni said as she settled herself against her queen and the white Flurry dragoness landed daintily on the red ledge.

It is nice to be back. She said. You're looking well, Tiyanni, and you as well Litayth. Retirement suits you.

Litayth grinned at the younger dragon in her way, and Tiyanni smiled. "You look much better now than when you left. Did you find your purpose, Neva?"

The white dragon nodded her head. My purpose is to be a mother.

Tiyanni was a bit startled. What an old fashioned conclusion to reach.

It is not old fashioned. It's quite logical and understandable. Neva said, her eyes showing a bit of annoyance.

"Do tell, Neva." Tiyanni prompted, and smiled sincerely.

My travels have shown me that the most important thing a dragon can do is to love and to help their rider and their friends. But I cannot help all of my friends at the same time. I can only be in one place at one time, even if I jump. The best way I can love and help my friends is to be a mother -- to bring more dragons into the world. Tiyanni smiled inwardly, as did Litayth, as they'd reached this very same conclusion many years before. So I have returned to Ryslen to find a mate. Then the white dragoness was quiet.

"That's easy enough." Tiyanni said with a kind smile.

I'd like it to be a Flurry. Nevalith said. I'm a Flurry dragon, I want a Flurry. Would that be a problem?

Of course not. Litayth purred, and Tiyanni grinned. "Jeyann will need to be informed."

"I've already heard." the young weyrwoman laughed as she stepped out onto the ledge. "So I should start sending out invitations to all the white and partially white dragons nearby?"

And the silvers. Neva said, and was rewarded with a look of confused interest. On Danach, white dragons are silver. I even turned a bit metallic after I spent some time there.

Tiyanni nodded, and Jeyann smiled, a bit concerned about all this, since it the first multi-dragon flight since she took over Ryslen.

Don't worry. It will all come out right. Mezireth said with a knowing smile in her mental voice.

"Okay, whites and silvers. Is there anyone in particular you'd like invited?" Jeyann asked, wondering if she should have brought a clipboard out with her.

Calionaipyth was interested when I saw her last, and I'd like Adisath to come if she's not busy. Neva said happily.

Tiyanni's mind raced to match names to dragons. Adisath was a silvery white, but Duowing Calionaipyth... "Neva... Calionaipyth is hardly white. If I remember correctly, she's a nice warm caramel."

She is my sister. She should not be excluded. Neva said defiantly.

Jeyann knew better than to argue with proddy dragons -- anyone who rode a female dragon knew better, as did most of the rest of the riders. "Whites, Silvers, and Flurry dragons. Anyone else?"

There were a few other winter clutch dragons. They are welcome too. That should be everyone. the Ryslen white said.

Jeyann nodded. "I'll go start getting things together. Just let me know if there's anything else."

* * *

And thus began the second Flurry.

Neva's story continues -after- the Flurry