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After a long period of research, digging through rotting Greek, Roman, and Latin texts, Ryslen's scholars have put together a listing of "new" terminology with which to replace the now out-of-place "Weyr Terms"... Ryslen is hardly a weyr, with all that has been going on here in the last span of time.

Leaders - please feel free to adopt this (and adapt, if necessary) to fit your own not-exactly-a-weyr-anymore.

-- Prima Jeyann

Weyrwoman -- Prima
Weyrleader -- Primus

Prima Jeyann & Primus Ke'l

Weyrwoman's 2nd -- Optima
Weyrleader's 2nd -- Optimus

Optima Tiyoshi & Optimus ?

Wingleader -- Dux
Wingsecond -- Optio
Wingrider -- Alaris
Wing -- Ala

Dux Im'mel, Ala Crimson Blade
Optio Ki, Ala Black Arrow
Alaris L'ran

Candidate -- Novo
Hatchling Level -- Tiro
Weyrling Level -- Paro
Rider (Adult Level) -- Draconar

Novo Naethyn
Tiro Quelane or Quelane, Draconar Tiro
Paro Ganryn or Ganryn, Draconar Paro
Draconar Ga'voh

Weyrlingmaster -- Decurio
Assistant Weyrlingmaster -- Legatus
Searchrider -- Capio

Decurio D'lrik
Legatus J'ti and Legatus J'kyan
Capio J'lenn, Capios D'run, R'lan, J'rin, and Toshi

Watchrider -- Custos

Custos Ke'li

Lord -- Dominus
Lady -- Domina

Dominus Sanjoral and Domina Keyanki of Two River

Weyr -- Nidus
weyr (individual quarters) -- Nidulus (singular) / Niduli (plural)
('apartments' 'chambers' 'quarters' 'rooms' are all acceptable)

Nidus Ryslen & Nidus Abri
Texia's Nidulus or "I'll show you to your Niduli"

Fortress (Dark Weyr) -- Arx
DarkWeyr wing - Vis (meaning: violence, force)

Arx Atra Mons (that needed explanation?)