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Story Line

Name: Memory
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Height: 5'3"
Skin: Pale
Hair: Dirty blonde
Eyes: Amber
Residence: Stardust Weyr
Occupation: Dragonrider
Description: Memory was raised in DJ City, and discovered as a young child her psychic powers. She can get brief glimpses of the future, has strong telekinetic powers, and has the ability to erase as well as create or uncover memories. She completed high school, as well as her afternoon classes at a local shrine that taught her the natural ways to deal with her powers. Her father ran out on her mother before Memory was born, so Memory is a very strong, independent woman, taking after her mother.
Personality: Memory is pretty average as far as the crew goes. As a typical teenage girl, she loves shopping and flirting and getting new things. Very fond of music, she can play just about any instrument, and with her telekinetic powers, can play more than one at once! She's a flirt, but also a friend, and thinks anything boys can do girls can do better. She's rather easy-going and laidback, until you give her a reason not to be. She hates dishonesty and disloyalty. She has a habit of carrying around two nice sized mallets, one real and one plastic, and hitting people over the head with them. Whether they get the real one or the plastic one depends on their crime. She's really bright, but not too talkative unless you give her a reason to be, and is very strong, emotionally, and a good deal outgoing. She can be stubborn at times.



Name: Tokamath
Birthplace: Falas Weyr
Clutch: Shimmer Frenzy
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Species: Pernese
Size: 6'8" tall
23'11" long
Color: Shimmer green
Personality: Coming soon
  • Flight
  • Telekinetics
  • Psionics
  • Teleportation