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Rules for Potential Candidates

  1. You must have a webpage. No page, no dragon. Geocities is one free web provider you can use. Please make sure your page is easy to read. It must have the Candidate's stats, and preferably a story, or at least a short blurb on why they came to Stardust Weyr.
  2. Pages must link back to Stardust Weyr [/stardust_weyr/] - please use the name, and not 'here'.
  3. Candidates do not have to be Pernese in origin, they do not even have to be human, as long as they can ride or fly with a dragon, and are sentient. We also ask they be at least the equivalent of 14 human years of age.
  4. Preferably, all pages should be child-safe. If they are not, please post a warning at the top of the page.
  5. I know we all love our little friends, but please, no more than three pets [such as Firelizards or Whers] to a Candidate. They will not be able to properly care for a dragon if they're constantly chasing around all their little friends!
  6. Impression is not guaranteed, but all Candidates will be allowed to stand until they Impress. Sometimes it takes awhile for the right dragon to come along. Don't be disappointed if this round isn't your round.
  7. To make sure you have read all of these rules, please put "why on earth would I want a dragon" somewhere in your form. Forms without this phrase will be ignored.
  8. You can not change your dragon's name, statistics, or alter it's image in any way, save for HTML resizing, or head shots, as long as the full-size image is linked to. If you do so, you will lose your dragon.
  9. Should your Candidate bond, you have two [TWO!] weeks to put it's image up. Unless you ask me beforehand for an extension, if I go to check the page and it has not been updated, you will lose your dragon.
  10. Occasionally, some Candidates will double-bond, but we do not accept pre-bonded Candidates. We also ask that you not send your Candidate out to bond again some where else after they have bonded here. Doing so will cost your dragon.
  11. We generally follow same-sex bondings, though cross-gender bonding has been known to happen. If you are not ok with this, please say so in the form.
  12. There is no limit to the number of Candidates you can send in - just remember they will not always immediately bond.
  13. Feel free to suggest colors and/or names for your Candidate's dragon. You won't always get the color you want, but I will try to name your new friend accordingly.

Whew! That's a lot of rules! But if you think you can follow them all, and you're ready to send in a Candidate, fill out the form below and e-mail it to me.


Candidate Form
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  • Candidate/Sponsor name:

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  • Color/Name suggestions:

  • Is cross-gender pairing ok?:

  • Other comments?:

  • Clutch preference [if more than one clutch]