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Here, you can find information on Stardust Weyr.

About the Weyr:
Set during the 11th pass and located between the Western Barrier Ridge and Two-Skies Lake, the Weyr is made up of a very labyrinth-like section of underground caves and catacombs that are man-made. Above them sits the Weyr-bowl, protected on most sides by some of the smaller cliffs of the Western Barrier Ridge, and to the north by the forests that separate us from the lake. Watch towers have been built at strategic points around the Weyr. The majority of our craftsmen specialize in metal-work, everything from armor to jewelry, and we also have our fair share of musically-inclined harpers, as well as weavers, tanners, glass smiths, and artists. We support arts of all kinds. We were founded some time between the 8th and 10th pass, no one is sure of the exact date.

About the Dragons:
Candidates to Stardust Weyr can expect to not only fill their candidacy with lessons on the care and anatomy of dragons, but also will be taught a craft. Idle hands are no good here! Dragons come in five basic colors, ranked highest to lowest - Gold, Bronze, Brown, Blue, Green. Golds and Greens are always female, whereas Bronzes, Browns, and Blues are always male. Gold dragons will only bond to females, while Bronze dragons will only bond to males. Generally, Browns and Blues will select a male partner, though females have been chosen from time to time. Likewise, Greens will usually select a female partner, though more homosexual males have been known to be chosen by a Green. Golds are the most likely to rise, though we do allow a Green to have her time in the spotlight as well every now and then. Bronzes, Browns, Blues, and most Greens are expected to chew firestone and fight Thread.