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"Nostalgia: Past Perfect, Present Tense...."

"Malaysia's first Internet radio station that plays great and not-so great music from the seventies and eighties..."
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Welcome to SUPERETRO FM, Malaysia's first "freeform" retro music station broadcasting on the Internet. Currently broadcasting on an experimental and non-commercial basis, Superetro aims to deliver "forgotten favorites" from the 70's and 80's. As I surf the Net, looking for that elusive station, I began to realized that there are actually very few stations that truly cater to the music I grew up with. I'm referring to those songs that aren't exactly classic evergreens, songs that didn't sparkle with sophisticated lyrics or creative tunes. Yet, in its own special way, these were songs that played an important and intimate part of our childhood and teenage years. Music that will always evoke memories of lost love, classmates and friendship from that often confusing, clumsy and carefree period of our lives.

If you are from Malaysia, you may recall songs like "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep" , "Me And You And A Dog Named Boo" or even the recent "Lemon Tree". All were runaway hits in their own time, each brandishing the silliest of lyrics and all made popular by artistes who found greater fame and fortune here than in their own native countries. If the 70's is regarded as a forgettable musical decade of Osmonds and bell bottoms, the 90's is no better with its endless re-hashing of music from the past. What about the 80's? The 80's had "originals" like Milli Vanilli... So whether it's "Yellow River", "Feelings" or "Kung Fu Fighting", I'm sure each one of you have a song that endeared because you were then falling in love for the first time or dropping out of college for the last time...

Due to server space limitations, time and financial constraints, this site is currently broadcasting about ten songs per day (in stereo). Hopefully, it'll develop into a full-fledged station offering live content, boorish deejays and irritating commercials. After all, (and paradoxically) Superetro's future is in the past. Meanwhile, think of it as a jukebox, time machine or anything that you fancy. Enjoy!

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