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I've been a big Kenny Chesney fan for quite some time. I think I fell in love with his voice before I even saw him. My daughter and I were lucky enough to get tickets to his concert with Tim McGraw at The Ice Palace in Tampa, Florida for the August 4, 2001 concert. I can only say it was beyond words.

Kenny Chesney and the band

Mark Collie opened. He did a great job, but the crowd just wanted to see Kenny and Tim. We had pretty good seats. We were right over the doors where they entered/left the stage. When Kenny came out, he say Conway's Twitty's "Love to Lay You Down" and dedicated it to all the Florida Country Girls. You can imagine how wild the crowd was then.

Kenny Chesney

He also sang "It Don't Happen Twice," "She's Got It All," "I Lost It," "How Forever Feels," "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" and "Me and You". The crowd was on their feet during the whole concert. Everyone was singing along to all of his songs. I think we all knew all the words. LOL.

Kenny and the band

During his song "She Thinks My Tractor' Sexy", he brought a little boy up on stage. It was really sweet. But I think we were all wishing we were that little boy. LOL.

Cute Kenny!!!

Kenny puts on a great show, definately worth the money and I would not hesitate to see him again when he comes back to Florida. My daughter and I both screamed so much we couldn't hardly talk for days. After the concert was over and we were driving home, we actually saw Kenny and Tim in the limo. That was cool!

Kenny Onstage

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Kenny Onstage

Kenny Onstage

When Kenny was exiting the stage before his encore, I got this pic. Right after I took the picture, he looked up and blew my daughter a kiss. I thought she was gonna pass out. (She's 12 and loves Kenny as much as I do!)

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