This room wasn’t much better than the last; it was dark, dank and disgusting

This room wasn’t much better than the last; it was dark, dank and disgusting.  Across the walls was written who did what to who and where.  At least it didn’t smell too bad, quickly glancing back at Raphael, Michaelangelo stepped inside and pushed the door to.  So this was where girls disappeared to in gangs of no less than five?  Michaelangelo couldn’t see the attraction himself, hanging out all day in the bathroom, talking about god knows who and doing god knows what.  Michaelangelo over came his initial nervousness when he spotted a relatively clean and dry cubicle.


Raphael leaned back against the wall of the toilet block and absentmindedly scanned the forecourt.  The usual suspects where out in full force tonight.  True to gas station fashion there was the cigarette smoking gas pumper, just waiting to blow everyone to kingdom come with an ill placed flick.  The ignorant cell phone user stood under the ‘Cell phones must not be used anywhere on this forecourt’ sign with a phone permanently bonded to his ear.  A typical carload of teenagers off, on what no doubt promised to be an exciting night of making out and stealing bases.  Raphael straightened up and paid attention as two young ladies from the group started towards him.  As they drew near he caught bits of their conversation.


‘I can wait to get there.  Everyone says that Paul Sotton has it bad for me.’  This was met by a squealing noise made by her companion.


‘I know, I know.  You’re so lucky!  Paul is like, so hot.’


‘I am just glad we stopped.  I thought we would never find a bathroom.’


An evil thought flashed across Raphael’s mind.  Both girls gave Raphael a wary look as they pushed the door to the ladies restroom open and entered.  It’s only a matter of time.  Raphael thought, not trying to hide the smirk that had quickly spread across his face.  


Michaelangelo finished washing his hands, only he wasn’t sure what good it would do.  Given the state of the bathroom, he was likely to catch something from the water as well.  Giving his hands a final shake he turned round and collided head on with one of the girls, who ended up sprawled on the dirty floor.  Something happened to Michaelangelo’s body, it seized up rooting him to the spot.


Raphael counted down the seconds until he heard an unmistakable scream.


‘You Pervert!’


Michaelangelo’s stuttering excuses and pleas could be heard flittering through the door.  All of a sudden he burst out, followed by what looked like a toilet roll holder.


“But, but, but!”  He was still stammering as he dodged the missile.  Raphael couldn’t help but explode into laughter.  Michaelangelo spun around.  “YOU!”  He hissed.