All of a sudden a bright light interrupted the fight.  The guys looked up to see an old gray haired gentleman holding a flashlight.  “That’s them.”  One of the girls stood next to the elderly usher.  The man raised his eyebrows when he caught sight of the mess.  “Urm, it was like that when we got here.”  Michaelangelo said weakly.

“I’m afraid I am going to have to ask you to leave.”  The man shone the flashlight at Michaelangelo, who pulled his hat down to hide his face.

“Come on, we’d better go.”  Donatello stood up and started to push past Raphael.

The rest of the group followed suit.  “Snitch!”  Raphael hissed as the passed the girl.


They guys were made to stand in the foyer while the manager ranted at them about their immature behavior.  Leo stood looking at the ground, wishing to would open up and swallow him.  Michaelangelo was trying to stifle a snigger, the manager looked like he was ready to explode at any minute.  Raphael stood defiant his arms folded across his chest, glaring daggers at the manager.  Donatello was fiddling with a loose tread on his coat.  The manager stopped ranting and rubbed his temples.  “I have had enough of you lot causing trouble in my theater.”  Leo shot a look at Raphael who had a snug smile painted across his face.  “I have no option but to ban you.”  The manager continued.


Two ushers escorted the group out of the building.  “Well that was fun!”  Leo groaned looking in Michaelangelo’s direction.

“You started it!”  He protested.

“So what are we going to do now?”  Donatello asked

“Well I’m not spending the rest of the evening bumming around the streets, that’s for sure.”  Leo huffed leaning back against the movie theater wall.

“We could go to McDonalds and cause trouble there.”  Michaelangelo offered.

“I vote we wait for those girls and give them a scare.”  Raphael said raising his hand.


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