“I vote we scare the girls.”  Michaelangelo raised his hand and moved to stand next to Raphael.

“I vote McDonalds.”  Leo counteracted.

“Trust you!”  Raphael growled lowering his hand.

They all turned to look at Donatello who had yet to cast his vote.  Donatello stared back feeling a little nervous.  Casting votes could be dangerous; if he went against Leonardo he was looking at extra practice.  But, then again if he went against Raphael, the outcome could be a lot more painful.  Is self-preservation such a bad thing?  He thought.  “I vote to scare the girls.”   Donatello said after a few minutes.  A smile spread across Raphael’s face.  “Great!  That’s settled then!”

“I don’t think this is such a good idea.”  Leo started before Raphael cut him off.

“Shut up mister out voted!  Why don’t you just crawl home?”

“I beg your pardon?”

The two brothers got dangerously close.

“You cramp my style!”  Raphael hissed.

“I’ll cramp more then that in a minute!”  Leo growled back.  They started to circle each other.  Donatello looked at his watch.  “3,2,1.”  He counted down.  They weren’t sure who shoved whom first, but a fight erupted.  It was less then graceful and the warring pair ended up on the floor.

“You know, we really should stop them.”  Donatello sighed.

“Gotcha!”  Michaelangelo dragged Raphael off his brother and pinned him against the wall.  Donatello took hold of Leo’s arm and helped him to his feet.

“Whoa Raph, looks like you’ll have a beautiful shiner in the morning.”  Michaelangelo smirked.  Raphael reached up and touched his eye.

“You bastard!”  He snarled at Leo.

“How’d you like a matching one the other side?”  Leo growled shrugging off Donatello.

“Guys!”  Michaelangelo broke in.  “There’s a better way to settle this.  We could have a contest.”

“I’m listening.”  Raphael and Leo said at the same time, not daring to take their eyes off each other.  They both knew how hazardous that could be.

“Okay, we split up, the first one to scare the girls wins.”

“What do we win?”  Raphael asked relaxing a little.

“My respect!”  Leo shot.

  Raphael snorted.  “Ha, who wants that?”

“May a suggest we get ourselves to a better vantage spot.”  Donatello pointed to the rooftop of the building opposite.


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