They sat on the cold, wind swept rooftop; they had been there twenty minutes already.  Raphael was stood on the edge looking towards the theater entrance.  Leo was sitting as far away from him as possible, still fuming.  As he sat there staring at his brother’s back, he felt the overwhelming urge to run up and give him a push.  Driving the thought out of his mind he glanced over at Donatello, who was sitting by a skylight fiddling with is palm pilot.  Did he ever leave home without it?  Michaelangelo’s voice could be heard droning on in the background.  After years of practice Leo had learnt to block him out.  Mikey was sat on the edge of the roof swinging his legs as they dangled.

“So, why can’t Mick Jagger dive with the soft top down?”  There was a small pause before Michaelangelo started again.  “Because his lips would flap in the breeze and slap him to death!”

“Can you imagine that man in a G-Force tester?”  Donatello said without looking up.

“That would smooth out a few wrinkles!”  Raphael smiled.  Michaelangelo looked back at Leo.   “Hey Leo, are you there?”

Leo looked up.  “Yes I’m here and I just can’t stand another moment of your mindless gab!”  Michaelangelo stopped swinging his legs and looked at the floor.  Donatello gave Leo a ‘that was uncalled for’ look.



People started to pour out of the movie theater; Raphael straightened up and leaned a bit further forward.  “There they go!  Remember the first one to scare them.”  Raphael turned round to find himself alone.  “Aagghh!”  The girls grouped together and stood by the theater doors for a while, debating something.  The turned and started to walk down the street, then the cut through a poorly lit side street.


Michaelangelo waited in the shadows.  “Here’s my chance.”  He whispered.  “This is too easy.”  Just then an arm from behind wrapped around his neck.  He let out a rather girlish squeal.  He managed to twist and get a look at his attacker.  “RAPH!”  He spluttered.  “You’re cheating!”

“Hey!”  Raphael released his grip.  “All far in love and one up manship.”  The girls continued down the street blissfully unaware of what lay around the corner. 


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