Donatello screwed up his face as he crawled into the rancid smelling dumpster.  There weren’t many times in his life that he climbed into the city’s trash receptacles, but this was worth it just to see the look on those girls’ faces.  He shuffled about a bit so that he sank lower.  Now for some added effects, he thought as he covered himself with a thin layer of garbage.  Just then the lid of the dumpster slammed shut plunging Donatello into darkness.  Leonardo rammed the metal pole he had found against the wall and the lid of the dumpster.  Bushing his hands off on his coat he stood back to admire his handy work.  “That should hold you for a while!”  Leo gloated before slipping off into the shadows.


The girls walked past the dumpster, they came to a road and quickly crossed over.  Lying on his back Donatello managed to kick the lid open using both feet.  He flung himself over the side, gulping in large amounts of fresh air.


The girls had now walked into the park, oblivious to the three pairs of eyes watching their every move.  Raphael smiled, the park, a perfect setting for an ambush!  Michaelangelo stalked his prey from behind a large tree.  Leonardo was a little way ahead, lying in wait for his chosen victim.  Donatello had caught up with the group and thought it would be better if he stayed down wind.


The girls stopped walking and stood in a vague circle.  Each of the brothers slowly moved from their hiding place and prepared to attack.


Who wins the contest?  

Will Raphael win Leo’s respect?

Will Leo prove a point?

Will Mikey pull it off and win the girl?

Or will Donny technically talk them to death?


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