And the winner is…

And the winner is…



All four brothers sprinted towards the circle of girls, but Raphael was a little quicker off the mark.  He careered in the direction of his intended target, the Snitch.  She had her back to him and the rest of the group were too busy to notice as him silently draw near.  With a whooping cry Raphael launched himself at the oblivious girl.  He grabbed her shoulders pushing her to the ground, she let out a surprised yelp as she went down, the other girls squealed and ducked for cover.  In a fluid motion Raphael flipped back up and landed the other side of the now quivering group.  The girls watched as their attacker did a victory dance fit for a winning touch down.


Leo Mike and Don took a few seconds to catch up, Raphael was still shouting and leaping about.  He jumped up and triumphantly punched the air.  “Oh Yeah!”  He turned to look at Leo.  “Ha, in your face!  Who’s the best?  Excuse me while I revel!”  Leonardo stood glaring at Raphael as he continued gloating.  Michaelangelo and Donatello stood at his side, Leo signalled with his hand.  “Get him!”   Raphael felt himself being football tackled from the side, he kicked out and struggled but it was no use.  Michaelangelo and Donatello hauled Raphael to his feet and held him in front of Leo.  “What’s wrong Leo?  Can’t get over the fact I beat you?”  Raphael narrowed his eyes.  A smile broke out on Leo’s face.

Raph I’m so over you, I lapped you twice!”  Leo looked at the group of girls; they had managed to scrabble to their feet.  The Snitch was pulling leaves out of her hair; she had large muddy grass stains down her top and jeans.  Leo looked back at Raphael.  Raphael was sure he could see an evil glint in his eyes; Leo stepped to the side.  “Roll up ladies, dollar a slap!”

“Your dead!”  Raphael scowled.


The girls huddled together, “It’s the guys from the movie.”  One said pointing at the restrained Raphael.  The Snitch walked closer.  “Give him a good thump, Jesse!”  Came a cry from behind.  “Great one Claire, now they know my name!”  She turned and stared at her friend.  Jesse got close to Raphael and balled her fist.  Raphael shot a worried look at Leo.  “You’re not going to let her hit me are you?” 

“Why worried it’s gonna hurt?”  Michaelangelo smirked.  Leo turned to Jesse and did an ‘after you’ gesture with his hands.  Jesse got ready to give the egotistical bastard a good smack, when he interrupted her.

“Before you hit me, do me the honour of being my one night stand!”

“You animal!”  Jesse growled.

“You have no idea.”  Raphael grinned.

Jesse pulled back and threw a punch.


What happens?  You’ll have to wait to find out!


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