Raphael closed his eyes and leaned back to avoid the incoming punch

Raphael closed his eyes and leaned back to avoid the incoming punch.  At that moment Donatello and Michaelangelo let go of his arms causing him to topple backwards and land unceremoniously on his backside.  Jesse, putting too much power in her punch, spun round and landed on top of Raphael.

“Eeeewwww!”  She squealed as she sprung back up, she did a little jig as she wiped herself off.  Leo tried not to laugh, but failed miserably.  Raphael glared at him.  “Got your Kamikaze prayer ready?”  He glowed lunging at Leo.  Both sped off into the distance watch by the others.


Michaelangelo returned his attention to the girls.  “So what are you doing in the park, at night, alone?”  He questioned.

“We come here every Friday night to have some fun.”  One of the girls answered.

“Oh great one Claire!  Why don’t you tell him your shoe size?”  Jesse snapped.  Just then Leo shot past the group closely followed by Raphael.  Donatello chose the worst moment to move.  Raphael collided with Donatello and sent him sprawling to the ground.  Mikey bent down and helped Donatello to his feet.

“Did anyone catch the number of that truck?”  Donatello asked rubbing his arm; Raphael just glared at him.


“Oh don’t be like that Jesse!”  Claire sighed.  “Anyway it might be more fun if we let those guys play.”  Jesse’s face took on an evil plotting look.

Michaelangelo’s attention was instantly grabbed again.  “Play?  Play what?”


Jesse folded her arms.  “We have our own little version of Truth or Dare.”  Michaelangelo and Raphael’s eyes lit up.

“You know we should be getting back.”  Leo broke in.  “We are probably in enough trouble as it is!”  His brothers groaned at him.

“Why?  Are you too scared?”  Jesse hissed.

Leo narrowed his eyes.  “No just sensible! But you’re on!”  Well, if he was going to go up the creek without a paddle he may as well enjoy the ride!


The now joined group moved over to a dark place by the edge of some trees.  They all sat in a large circle, guys on one side, and girls on the other.


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