Pucker up

Pucker up!




The girls began to remove several items from the bags they were carrying.  Donatello’s eyes widened, he had never seen so much alcohol in his life.


“Listen up!”  Jesse said pulling a large bottle of tequila and a box of something else out of her bag.  “These are the rules, we will spilt into two teams, guys versus girls.  Each team will pick a speaker, who will ask the questions and set the dares.”


“I’ll be the speaker, unless anyone has any objections.”  Raphael said looking over at Leo.


“If you forfeit a question or dare, you will have to eat one of these.”  Jesse continued, opening the box to reveal its contains.


“What are those?”  Michaelangelo asked.


“Fermented beetle larvae.”  Jesse grinned.  “They pack more of a punch then that tequila.”  The guys screwed their faces up.  “I’ll be this teams leader, you already know mine and Claire’s name.  This is Mandy, Kristy and Anna.”  The girls nodded as their names were mentioned.


“I’m Leo, this is Mikey, Don and Raph.”  Leo pointed down the line.


“Right!  Ladies first.”  Jesse said taking out an empty bottle, she placed it on a large square of card and spun it.  The bottle finally came to a rest pointing in Michaelangelo’s direction.  Michaelangelo’s face lit up.  “Truth or dare?”  Jesse questioned.


“Dare!”  Michaelangelo grinned.  The girls huddled together for a while whispering, Jesse leaned forward.  “Alright, you have to kiss a member of your team on the lips!”  An amused smile broke out on Michaelangelo’s face, the other three recoiled in horror.


“Eenny meany miny mo.”  Michaelangelo counted down the line before pouncing on Raphael.  A struggle broke out.  “I forfeit!”  Yelled Raphael. 

“You can’t it’s his dare.”  Jesse informed him.  Michaelangelo was getting closer to completing his dare.  Raphael pulled his lips in and clamped his mouth tightly shut; he moved his head from side to side, growling at Mikey.  But Mikey was too quick “Mmmaaawwwhhh!”  Raphael sprang up and started to spit and wipe his mouth, he grabbed hold of the bottle of tequila and took a big gulp.  He continued to make gagging noises as Michaelangelo congratulated himself on a well-completed dare.

“Right my turn!”  Michaelangelo grabbed hold of the bottle and gave it a spin.


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