Note: Please do not try this at home as it may result in injury or worse social humiliation

Note:  Please do not try this at home as it may result in injury or worse social humiliation!



Bottoms up




The bottle came to rest in front of Claire. 

“Truth or dare?”  Michaelangelo asked.  Claire was silent for a few minutes before answering.  “Truth.”

Michaelangelo sat back “Aww, your no fun!”  He pouted.  The guys huddled together for a while; Raphael leaned forward.  “Okay, what’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?”  Claire noticeably turned red.  “Forfeit?”  Raphael smirked.

“No!”  Claire sighed.  “The most embarrassing thing I have done, is streaking at the high school football game.”

“Really?”  Michaelangelo leaned a little closer.

“Geez Mikey, roll in your tongue!”  Raphael sniggered.

“Urm.”  Claire coughed.  “My turn.”  She grabbed the bottle and spun it.  Everyone leaned in closer as they waited for the bottle to choose it’s next victim.  Finally it came to a stop, pointing in Leo’s direction

“Ha!  This should be fun!”  Raphael snorted, folding his arms across his chest.  Leo glared at his brother, his mouth started before his brain could stop it.  “Dare!”  He growled.  It was worth it to see the look on Raphael’s face.  Once again the girls crowded together, Jesse looked up.  “Your dare is to down the rest of the tequila.”  Raphael let a laugh escape.

“What?!”  Leo tried not to sound too horrified

“Well, we’ll lose this one!”  Raphael hissed.  Leo shot him a ‘drop dead’ stare. 

“Fine, I’ll do it, but you have to eat one of those.”  Leo pointed to the box resting by Jesse.

“Can’t see me having to do that.  Can you?”


 Leo picked up the bottle at looked at it, after all if Raphael could do it, how hard could it possibly be?

“I wouldn’t do that if.”  Donatello started before Raphael elbowed him.  Leo knocked the bottle back, the burn caught him by surprise causing him to cough and splutter into the back of his hand.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try not to look too astonished.”  Raphael shot.  That remark only made Leo more determined, he glared at Raphael and then looked at the girls.  He couldn’t stand to fail in front of everyone.  He was going to get that bottle down, even if it killed him.  Leo took a deep breath and prepared himself, once again he tipped the bottle back.  It seemed to take forever for the distasteful liquid to empty.  Totally surprised by their brother’s actions the others started chanting encouragement.  Finally after what seemed like hours Leo slammed the empty bottle down, he had to bend forward and put his head between his knees to combat the light headed feeling.  He turned to Raphael.  “Your turn.”  He managed to get out.


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