Raphael sat back a little.  “I’m impressed, if you can keep it down the whole night I will be amazed!” 

Jesse shoved the box towards Raphael.   “Your not going to back out on your part, are you?”  Raphael looked at the contains with distain, he sighed and took one of the ‘delights’, taking a deep breath Raphael swallowed.

“Well?”  Michaelangelo asked.

“Not too bad.”  Raphael shrugged.


Leo leant forward and spun the bottle; it spun a few times before stopping in front of Jesse.  “Ha ah!”  Leo blurted.  Jesse folded her arms and scowled at Leo.

“I chose dare!”

The guys huddled together.  Jesse began to worry when they started to laugh, Raphael moved in closer.  “Your dare is to run through the park in your underwear!”  Jesse tried to mask the horror she felt.  “You gonna forfeit?”  Raphael grinned. 

“I just don’t want to ruin your out look on life, I mean after you’ve seen a real woman, how will you ever cope?”

“That good huh?”  Raphael smirked.

“Besides I don’t take my clothes off for free!”

“Wait a minute!”  Raphael started hunting through his pockets; he pulled out a $5 bill.

“Ta very much!”  Jesse snatched the money from Raphael’s hand.

“Hey, I expect change from that!”

“You misogynistic pig!”

 “Huh?”  Raphael turned to look at Donatello.

“Male Chauvinist.”  Donatello explained.

Raphael turned back to Jesse.  “Ooo!  Who let you out of the kitchen?”  Jesse glared at him.  “I forfeit.”  She said reaching into the box.

“Damn!”  Raphael muttered.


Leo began to feel a little strange, his limbs felt heavy and moving them was like pushing trough water.  Things that never seemed funny before were down right hilarious.


Jesse bent forward and took her turn; she spun the bottle with a lot of force.  I took a while before the bottle finally came to rest, pointing at Donatello. “Urm.”  Donatello cleared his throat.  “I’ll take truth.”  Just then something from Raphael’s direction hit him on the arm.  “No you won’t!”  Raphael hissed.  Donatello looked back towards the girls.  “Did I say truth?  I meant dare.” 


Jesse paused for a moment.  “Are you sure?”  Donatello glanced back over to his brother, noticing he was fixed in one of his ‘my way or no way’ glares.  “Yes quite.”

“Okay, your dare is to steal an item of underwear from a clothes line.  The racier the better.  You have one hour, if your not back by then you lose!”

“Ha!  Good luck Donny!”  Michaelangelo laughed.



And I’ll leave it there because I am a Bitch.


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