Cops and Robbers

Cops and Robbers




Donatello wondered the streets scuffing his feet as he went; he looked at his watch, 35 minutes to go.  The thought of going home had crossed his mind, but then, he would never live it down.  He could see the whole episode being used for blackmail and brought up at every given opportunity.  He sighed as he continued on his search; they only undergarments he had found so far were the kind of things you would expect your grandmother to wear.  Maybe he should so go to April’s and ask to borrow some of her stuff.  He quickly chased that thought out of his head.  Donatello rounded the next corner and looked up, there it was!  Right at the very top, strung between to apartment blocks. Silently mocking him as it swung in the night breeze.  Donatello looked round for the best possible way to retrieve the prize.  Quickly he scrabbled up the fire escape, holding on to the ladder he stretched out as far as he could reach.  Why was he doing this?   This was probably the closest he would ever get to an item of women’s ware.  It was just out of reach, he changed his position on the fire escaped and stretched out further.  “Just a little more.”  Donatello whispered to himself, trying to combat the feeling of embarrassment that was starting to engulf him.  He just managed to touch the lacy body when the window of the apartment opposite was flung open.


“Oi you pervert!”  An angry woman’s voice rang out.  Shocked, Donatello lost his grip on the fire escape and fell and grabbed hold of the clothesline in a bid to save himself.  He hung there for a few seconds before the clothesline gave up and snapped.  Donatello descended to the ground taking everyone’s laundry with him.  He lay there for a few minutes waiting for the air to return to his lungs.  Shouting could now be heard from above, this time from a man.  Donatello guessed that it must be from a less then happy husband.  He heard ‘call the cops!’  And ‘I’ll get him!’ drift down from the apartment.  That was all that was needed to motivate Donatello into movement.  He struggled pushing off the tangled lines, shirts and socks that were caught around him.  He fumbled around on the ground until he had found what he was looking for.  Stuffing it in his coat, Donatello sprang over the chain mail fence at the back of the alley.  He hid behind a dumpster and watched as a man came into the alley and looked around.

“Well he’s not here now!”  The man shouted up to the apartment.

“The police are on their way, they’ll catch the guy!”  The woman called back from the window.  Donatello lent back against the wall and closed his eyes; this was all he needed.



The others were growing bored waiting for Donatello’s return.

“Do you think he’s wimped out?”  Michaelangelo asked pulling at the grass.

“It’s possible.”  Raphael sighed looking at his two remaining brothers.  He threw a stone at Leo.  “You still breathing?”

“Hey!”  Leo protested sitting back up.

“Just checking.”  Raphael turned back to the girls.  “I suggest we carry on with the game.  I’ll take Donny’s turn.”  Raphael grabbed the bottle.


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