The Truth Hurts

The Truth Hurts




Jesse grabbed hold of the bottle and took it from Raphael.  “Change in the rules.”  She smiled.

“You can’t do that, it’s cheating.”  Michaelangelo spluttered.

“Need I remind you whose game this is?”  Jesse glared at Mikey.  She turned the bottle to face Raphael.  “Your turn!”  She smirked.  “Any objections?”  She looked at the other two.

“No.”  Michaelangelo huffed.  All Leo could manage was a halfhearted shrug.  Raphael folded his arms.  “Ha!  I’m ready for ya.  Truth!”  He sat there feeling pretty smug with himself as the girls crowded together.

“Okay then Mr Big.”  Jesse started.  “How many woman have you slept with?”  Raphael’s shoulders slumped and the smug look melted away.  “That’s kinda personal, isn’t it?”

“Don’t tell me you’re going to forfeit!”  Jesse laughed; Raphael could tell she was loving every minute of this.  Raphael looked to see his brothers watching him expectantly.

“No.”  He snapped and then he mumbled something.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t quite hear you.”  Jesse taunted.

“None!”  Raphael growled, puffing up a bit.  “Are you happy?”  The whole group dissolved in to hysterics.  Raphael glared at them all “Wha?  Just cause I’m saving myself for the right woman.” He snorted.

Michaelangelo had tears streaming down his face.  “That’ll be a long wait.”  Raphael was starting to get annoyed; he hated being laughed at especially by his brothers.

“Right Mikey!”  He fumed.  “How many have you had?”  Michaelangelo made actions like he was counting on his fingers.  “Urm, I lost count after ten.”

“That’s perfectly understandable.”  Leo sniggered, trying to breath.

“You liar.”  Raphael accused pointing a finger at Mikey; he then turned to Leo.  “And what about you?”   Leo replied with a ‘wouldn’t you like to know’ smirk.



Donatello watched as the police car pulled up outside the apartment building.  Two officers got out and entered through the buildings large doors.  Donatello wasn’t going to hang around and wait for the to come back out.  He quickly checked to see if anyone was watching and then he made his escape.  He ran as fast as his legs could carry him back to the park.


“Aww poor little baby.”  Jesse mocked as she took a breath from laughing at Raphael.  Raphael was sat silently seething at the group, when Donatello burst into the circle.  Jesse looked at her watch.  “Ooo five minutes to go, very good.  Let’s see what you got.” Donatello bent down a little and held onto his knees, he tried to catch his breath.

“POLICE…..coming……this…….way!”  He managed to force out in between short breaths.

“Shit!”  Everyone hissed.   The girls started to stuff everything back into their bags.  The guys got up ready to leave.  Jesse turned to Raphael and pushed something into his hand.  “Well gotta love ya and leave ya!”  She said before running off to catch up with the others. 

“We’d better get going.”  Donatello suggested.  “It’s getting late.  Or should I say early?”


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