Warning: This chapter contains language, which some readers may find objectionable

Warning:  This chapter contains language, which some readers may find objectionable.  They can F?!* off and read something else.







The group walked down the street towards home.  Michaelangelo was filling Donatello in on Raphael’s hysterical truth.  Leo was in a merrier mood than usual and Raphael was striding up ahead, as usual.  After he had finished his account of the story, Michaelangelo rushed up ahead to walk with Raphael.

“What’s that you’ve got?”  He asked as he watched Raphael fiddle with a bit of paper.

“Jesse’s phone number.”  Raphael replied, smugness filling his voice.

“I can’t believe she gave you her number!”  Michaelangelo sulked

“Believe it!”  Raphael gloated waving the scrap of paper in Mikey’s face.

“Let me see that!”  Leo pushed in snatching the paper from Raphael.

“Oi give that back!”

“Come and get it.”  Leo teased holding the paper up at arms length.  Raphael careered towards his brother, Leo’s unsteadiness caused then to collide.  Suddenly a gust of wind ripped the paper from Leo’s grasp, Raphael watched as it whipped down the street.  “Oh well, better luck next time.”  Leo shrugged.  Raphael spun round, his anger growing; he fixed Leo with a glare.  “I’m gonna kill you!  You’re fucking dead!” 

Leo’s disposition changed.  “Oh yeah?  I’d like to see you try!”  Raphael flew at Leo, fury clouding his mind.  A punch was thrown and Raphael ended up on the floor.  It took a few minutes for him to shake it off and stand up again.  He wasn’t sure which angered him the most.  The fact that he went down so easily or that a drunk had got a lucky punch.


Donatello and Michaelangelo intercepted, Michaelangelo attempted to calm Raphael down and Donatello tried to keep Leo back.


“You want me to send you on a one way trip to loose tooth city?”  Raphael yelled trying to push past Mikey.

“I’ll slap you so hard you’ll end up in last week!”  Leo shouted back.

“You’ve heard of sitting bull, well your spouting it!”

“You’ve got a big mouth Raph!”


Michaelangelo sighed.  “There’s only one way to solve this.”  He let go of Raphael.  “Opps!”  He smirked.  On seeing Mikey release Raphael, Donatello ducked out of the way.  A small nasty scrap broke out, ending when Leo went down.  Donatello rushed to check on his fallen brother.

“Oh way to go Raph!”  Michaelangelo huffed as Raphael paced up and down.

“Come on!  He was asking for that.”  Raphael snapped, shaking his hurt hand.

“But you didn’t have to knock him out!”

“So what!  It’s peaceful now, isn’t it?” 

“Well you can be the one to carry him home, cause I ain’t!”

Raphael turned and growled at Michaelangelo.  “You wanna fuck with me?  Don’t fuck with me!”  He ranted.  “I thought you’d have better sense.  Stay away from the bad side of me.”  Raphael shoved Mikey in the chest with his finger.  Donatello stood silently watching the new argument unfold.  Raphael turned his back on Michaelangelo and looked at Donatello.  “You’d better roll him over in case he is sick.”

“Oh you of all knowledge.”  Donatello hissed.

“You wanna be down there with him?”  Raphael snarled.  “Because I can arrange it!”  Donatello knelt down and shook Leo in an attempt to rouse him.

“What are we going to do?  What will we tell Splinter?”  Michaelangelo asked starting to worry.

“We can blame it all on Leo, he’s in no state to argue.”  Raphael suggested.

“And Splinter’s going to believe that how?”  Donatello looked up to Raphael and Michaelangelo.

Leo started to stir; Donatello helped him to sit up.

“What happened?” Leo asked a little groggy

“Big mouth had a big fist.”  Mikey pointed to Raphael.  Leo looked up and then placed his head between his knees.

“I don’t feel so good.” He groaned.

“I’m not surprised!”  Donatello childed.

“We better get going.”  Michaelangelo interrupted.

“It will be dawn soon.”  Raphael added.

“Do you think you can get to your feet?”  Donatello asked pulling at Leo’s arm.

“Don’t move me!”  Leo warned

“Oh come on Leo!  You can’t sit there all night.”  Raphael moaned walking over.  Donatello tired once again to haul Leo to his feet.  A weird feeling washed over Leo, everything spun, his mouth started to water uncontrollably.  He started taking deep breaths to combat the nausea.  He couldn’t keep it down any longer; kneeling forward he had no choice but to let it happen.


Raphael had to quickly jump back to avoid being covered.  “Better?”  Donatello asked.

“A bit.”  Leo answered wiping his mouth.


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