“Aaahhggg!”  Michaelangelo squealed as he bent forward to protect his popcorn.

Raph!”  Leo growled, “You’re getting me!”

“Collateral damage!  I can’t help it if civilians get caught in the crossfire.”  Raphael sniggered; he bent forward to look at the now sodden Michaelangelo.  “How’s that for payback, Melon boy?”

“Did you ever get Mikey back for that Donny?”  Leo asked as he brushed the froth off his coat.

“I’m biding my time, letting him squirm.  I’ll dangle him on a line for a while, then reel him in.”  Donatello illustrated with his hands.

“Who’s dangling?”  Raphael asked looking over at Michaelangelo, who resumed popcorn shovelling and was smirking at a funny ad on the screen.

“With Mikey’s attention span, I believe your efforts will prove fruitless.”  Leo arched his fingers and adopted a psychiatrist like pose.  Noisy chewing interrupted him.

“Hey Raph, have you got candy?”  Michaelangelo leaned over Leo.


“Pass them down.”  Raphael spat the candy into his hand and threw it at Mikey.

“Eeewwwhh!  Not that one!”  He protested.  A tussle broke out between the two, Mikey grabbed one side of the candy bag, Raphael pulled it back.

“Tell him!”  The both demanded looking at Leo

“Do you mind?”  Leo called out from the tangle of arms.  The bag of candy spilt showering the three of them with individually wrapped pieces of chewy goodness.

“Way to go!”  Raphael snarled.


A group of five young girls walked into the screening room.  They stood for a while going through the ‘where should we sit’ debate.  Raphael nudged Leo and pointed to the group “Look at that one, all front and mid-drift.  I love the way her legs go right up to her ass.”

“Where else would her legs go?”  Leo glared at Raphael before returning his attention to the group.  After all window-shopping couldn’t hurt.  The group moved towards the row of seats in front of the guys.

“Quick, look Casual.”  Raphael whispered trying to take a swig from his half empty bottle of beer.  “Shit! I missed my mouth!”  He hissed spilling most of it down his front.

“Real Casual!”  Leo rolled his eyes.

“Tell me how could you miss such a large target?”  Donatello tried to keep his amusement from showing.

“Pull your lip over ya head and swallow!”  Raphael shot back.

“Huh, what’s going on?”  Michaelangelo managed to free himself from the pull of the big screen.  It was then he noticed the girls.  “Oooh look, one each, two for me!”

“What makes you so special?”  Leo raised and eyeridge.

“Because I’m the loovvee machine!”  Michaelangelo crooned loud enough for the group to hear him.  The girls shot dirty looks in the direction of the noise. 

“Why do the weirdos always sit near us?”

“Nice recovery Raph.”  Donatello give him a thumbs up.


 The girls shuffled down the row and chose the seats directly in front of the guys.  Donatello was a little peeved, due to the fact he could no longer rest his feet on the seat in front.

“Thank you Lord.”  Came a whisper from Mikey’s direction.


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