Chat ups

Chat ups



The five girls sat down; huddling together they started to whisper.   Every now and then they peeked over the back of their seats.  One said something inaudible and the group dissolved into fit of laughter.

“Hey, I think they’re talking about us?”  Michaelangelo leaned in closer to his brothers.

“No!  Get outta town!”  Raphael sarcastically slapped the side of his face.  “What ever helped you come to that conclusion professor?”

Michaelangelo leaned forward thrusting his arm over the back of the seat.  “The names Mikey!”

“Your charmed I’m sure!”  The girl turned and looked down her nose at him.  Michaelangelo shot a ‘help me’ look to his brothers.

“You’re doing it all wrong!”  Raphael informed him, leaning forward so he was closer to the girl in front “If it all gets a bit too scary you can hide with me.”

The girls turned round and fixed Raphael with a ‘drop dead’ stare.

“I’m sorry, you’re confusing me with someone you gives a fuck.”  She spat before turning back to the screen.

“Ooooo!”  Chorused Leo, Mike and Don.

Raphael threw himself back in his seat.  “She loves me!  You can tell!”

“I thought we came here to watch a movie, not pick up girls.”  Leo folded him arms across his chest.

“And how long will you be staying at naivety hotel this evening?”  Michaelangelo quipped.  Leo picked up a candy from the floor and threw it at Mikey.  It bounced wonderfully off his forehead. “Score!”  Leo clenched his fist in victory.

“Bet you can’t do that again.”  Michaelangelo challenged.

“Don’t blink!”  Leo bent down to retrieve another candy.  At that moment Michaelangelo threw a large handful of popcorn, not really caring who got hit.


That was all it took to start the fight.  Michaelangelo held his bucket of caramelised ammo close to his chest.  The enemy had to grope around on the floor for their chosen weapon.


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