Chapter seven

Chapter seven



The next morning Carrie woke early.  She started to pack everything she thought she would need into her rucksack.  “Let’s see.  Torch, map, spare batteries, camera, pen and paper.”  She checked off her list and pulled on some old clothes and a tatty baseball cap.  Today no turning back, I’ll get my answers one way or another!  Carrie ran down the stairs to the main reception.

“Sight seeing today, Miss Ryan?”  The manager asked.

“You could say that!”  Carrie replied as she slipped out of the door and climbed into a waiting cab.


Leonardo carefully dipped the brush into the small pot of black ink.  He moved it over to the paper and with a sweeping motion he finished the Japanese character.  Splinter had set him extra lessons since he wasn’t healed well enough for practice.  He hated feeling like this, feeling weak and useless.  He was still sore, he had a limited range of movement in his right shoulder and some parts of his body felt like they were on fire.  Splinter was meditating in his room and the others had left the lair hours ago.  Leo was glad of the peace and quiet.  He had only one more page to finish, he sighed as he dipped the brush into the pot again.


Carrie was close now; she could feel it as she shone her torch down the tunnel.  She had taken a few wrong turns, but with her map it was easy to retrace them.  She rounded a corner and there was the door!  She peeked through the large crack, no one in sight, and then she pressed her ear against it, nothing!  Holding her breath, she pushed open the door.  The place looked deserted, she crept past the living room, keeping a sharp eye out.  The room was filled with all the things you would expect to find.  A couch, TV, coffee table, bookshelf and even a phone.  Carrie proceeded on past what looked like a kitchen, complete with cupboards, cooker, table, sink and even a microwave!  As she turned to peek in to a room that looked like a cross between a weapons store and a gym, she heard a noise.  It came from further down the big hall that spread out in front of her.  She couldn’t resist taking a look.


Carrie came to the room where Leonardo was sat at a desk, concentration etched on his face.  He could sense that someone was watching him.  Maybe April had popped down in her lunch hour.  “Not long I’ve nearly finished.”  He said without looking up. Carrie stood amazed as she watched him finish the last script.  “There.”  Leo said taking a deep breath and sighing.  He froze; something struck him as odd.  April didn’t wear that type of perfume.  He slowly looked up, Carrie stood there just looking at him.  Leo panicked and fell off his chair backwards; he landed with a thump.  Great, he thought, that was graceful.  How many times was this woman going to catch him off guard?  Carrie bit her lip to stop herself from smiling.  Leo righted himself, but stayed in a crouching position, he glanced round and assessed the situation; there wasn’t enough room to jump.  He could bowl her over and run.  But where to?  This was his home!  Leo got into a fighting stance, but what could he do?  The codes of honour forbid him to attack an unarmed woman, unless she attacked first!


Carrie crouched down and held out her arm, she rubbed her thumb over her fingers to try and tempt the creature out of the corner.  Leo felt slightly insulted.  Carrie moved closer and tried to touch Leo with her hand.  He was having none of that, he quickly dodged and grabbed Carrie’s wrist.  A wave of fear and panic rose through Carrie, she lashed out, hitting Leo on his right arm.  Leo released Carrie’s wrist and growled.  That counted as an attack.  Leo grabbed Carrie’s arm and swung her round, he pushed her up against the wall bringing her arm high up behind her back.  Carrie squirmed; she could feel the cold dampness of the wall on her face.  Leo pushed harder, making it impossible her to move.  Carrie thought she would suffocate!  Now that he had her, what should he do?  Maybe if he scared the life out of her she would run away and never come back!


“What is going on here?”  A voice boomed, Carrie managed to turn her head just enough to see a rather large rat.  The rat’s whiskers twitched as he waited for an answer.  The room remained silent.  Splinter had lost track of his sons’ friends long ago, but he could tell by Leonardo’s body language that this was an uninvited guest.  “Leonardo, you know better!  Release her!”  Leo moved back and let Carrie fall to the floor gasping for air.  She watched as the turtle stood to attention.


“Hi guys, its me!” came the familiar call.  “I just thought I would pop in and.”  April stopped dead as she came into the hall.  Carrie scrabbled to her feet.  “You!”  They both exclaimed.  “What are you doing here?”  April snapped.  “How did you get here?”

“I followed you the other night.  I made a map and came back.  It was quite easy really.”  Carrie said sounding a little braver than she felt.

April’s face hardened.  “Why you sneaky little bitch!”  She hissed.  “And what have you come here for?”

“That’s none of your business!”  Carrie shot back.

“Come here to finish him off?”  April spat as she pointed in Leo’s direction.

“ENOUGH!”  Splinter shouted as he banged his walking stick on the ground.  “It does not matter how she came to be here or why she came.  She is here now.”

“What should we do now Master Splinter?”  Leo asked as he watched the two women glare daggers at each over.


The old rat lent on his walking stick, lost in thought.  Just then Raphael burst into the lair complaining loudly about something.  He walked pass the group in the hall and tossed a motorcycle helmet into his room.  He suddenly stopped and backtracked.  “What is THAT doing here?”  He demanded pointing a finger at Carrie. 

“She followed me here the other night.”  April said sheepishly.

“WHAT!” Snorted Raphael “Oh, this is just great!  Why don’t you just hand out leaflets?”  Raphael moved towards April, but Leo intercepted him.  The two brothers started to square off.  Splinter raised his hand.  “Fighting amongst ourselves will not solve anything.”  The old rat curled his fingers round his walking stick.  “She must remain here until we can find a solution to our problem.”  You’ve really done it this time!  Carrie thought; they are probably going to kill you, or worse!  Splinter turned towards Carrie.  “What is your name young lady?”

“Carrie Ryan.”  She answered looking at the ground, she wasn’t really sure why she told them.


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