Chapter ten

Chapter ten



Carrie joined the others in the living room.  You could cut the tension with a knife.  “You all have some free time to do with as you please.  But, please try to do it quietly.”  Splinter said as he made his way to his room. 

“I’d better get going.”  April said gathering up her bag and coat.  “So I’ll leave you guys to it.”

Michaelangelo and Donatello headed for their rooms, Carrie watched as they left.  She was now alone in the living room with Raphael; this did not fill her with joy.  Raphael plopped down on the couch and opened the can of beer he had taken from the refrigerator.  Carrie really didn’t want to stay in the room with him.  Maybe if I try to make amends. She thought as she made her way to Leo’s room.  She poked her head round the door to see Leo lying on his bed staring at the ceiling.

“What are you doing?”  She asked

More questions!  “Ancient Chinese proverb.  None of your business!”  He huffed.

Carrie decided to look in on the others.  Donatello was at his computer fiddling with something.  How’d they manage to get a computer down here?  Carrie found herself wondering.  Carrie moved on a peeked into the next room.  What a tip!  It reminded her of her kid brother’s room back home.  Clothes and comic books all over the place, you couldn’t even see the floor.  Michaelangelo was sprawled out on his bed, wearing headphones and reading a comic.  Carrie glanced over to the fourth empty room; something had caught her attention.  She looked in, the bed was unmade and the floor was strewn with rubbish, but at least you could see the floor!  Carrie quickly looked round to see if anyone was watching her.  No one!  She stepped in, after all a little look couldn’t hurt.


Carrie looked at the belongings dotted around the room.  There were several posters on the walls; the desk was untidy, covered with magazines, comics and Cd’s.  Sat on the end of the desk was a large motorcycle helmet.  Almost everything in the room had the same theme.  Death and Destruction!  Carrie turned to look at a large poster of Guns N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction.  She felt as if someone was watching her, she slowly turned round.  Raphael placed his hands on the wall behind Carrie, blocking off her route of escape.

“Gotcha!”  He growled.

Carrie drew her arm back and attempted to hit Raphael, but he caught her wrist.  Raphael could feel his anger growing.  First she snoops in his room and then she tries to hit him!  He turned her wrist, studying her hand and fingers.  Carrie seized the chance he had unwittingly given her.  Feeling across the desk with her free hand she came upon something heavy and hard.  Carrie swung it up with all her might into Raphael’s face.  He reeled back and fell.  How could her have let her get the drop on him like that.  Carrie darted past towards the door.  Raphael growled; he’d show her!  He grabbed at Carrie’s leg and just managed to catch the hem on her jeans.  Carrie fell to the ground hard.  What was she caught on?  She looked back a gasped.  Raphael was rolling on to his front, trying to pull Carrie closer by her jeans.  Carrie kicked out in shear panic, by pure luck she managed to kick Raphael right in the face.  He let go and struggled to his feet.  Carrie didn’t waste any time, she scrabbled up and fled into the hall.


Hearing the commotion, Leonardo and Donatello were standing in the hall.  Carrie barged past, almost knocking the two of them over.  They watched as she raced out the door.  Donatello turned and gave Leo a ‘what was that all about?’ look.

“Dang!  I wanted the pleasure of personally throwing her out the door!”

Leonardo and Dontello turned to see Raphael propped up against his bedroom door, wiping blood away from his mouth.

“What did you do?”  Donatello asked.

“Nothing!  She was snooping, so I scared her.  Damn cow hit me in the face, twice!”

Leonardo let a smile creep out.

“Don’t know what you’re smiling about.”  Raphael snarled.  “At least she didn’t hit me with her car!”

“You bastard!”  Leo was near exploding point.  “You left me there!  No, wait would I expect anything less from you.”

“Don’t push it.”  Raphael growled back.

“One of these days Raph, I swear I am going to knock your teeth so far down your throat, you’ll have to swallow before you chew!”

“What about Carrie?”  Donatello broke the pair up.

“Let her go.  Who cares?  He doesn’t!”  Raphael snapped pointing at Leo.

“But what if she gets lost or hurt?”  Donatello interjected.

“I’ll follow her!”  Leo said grabbing up a coat.

“What for?  Hey, that’s my coat!”  Raphael shouted after Leo.


Carrie ran down the tunnel, it was raining hard on the surface and the noise in the sewer was deafening.  She didn’t care which way she was going, just as long as it was away!  The first manhole I find, I’m out of here!  It wasn’t long until she found one.  Carrie scrabbled up the ladder and clambered into the clean air.  She carried on running before turning into an alley.  She ran right into four tough looking guys in the middle of a drugs deal.


Leonardo walked along the tunnel; her trail wasn’t too hard to follow.  A shaft of light spilled into the sewer.  An uncovered manhole!  This was too easy.


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