Chapter two

Chapter two


In the shadows of a near by alley Raphael crouched and watched the scene in the road unfolding.  At first he felt cold panic sweep his body.  That soon gave way to a heat that was slowly rising up his back.  This was a familiar feeling for Raphael, he knew it well, anger.  Here was Leonardo, the golden son, the one who always lectured Raphael on the dangers he placed himself and the family in.  The perfect one who could do no wrong.  “Stubborn Arse.”  Raphael growled.  If the ‘great leader’ hadn’t been following him, this would have never happened.  What would he do now?  The way he felt he could just leave and forget about it.  But something held him there, even though his brother was a nosey, know it all pain in the arse; deep down in the darkest corner of his being Raphael loved him.  Maybe love is too strong a word, Raphael thought.  “Fond.”  He mused.  He waited and watched.  The last thing he wanted to do was kill this woman and drag two bodies home.  He stayed low and tried to control his breathing, which was escaping him like a freight train.


Leo’s body stung.  How long had he been out?  He wondered.  It was then he saw her.  Their gazes meet and held for a while.  If Carrie didn’t know better, she would say that this thing was more afraid of her than she was of it.  Before she could speak or move the creature struggled to it’s feet, almost collapsing again under the pain.  Leo held her gaze until the faint sound of sirens approaching could be heard.  Carrie looked back to see a squad car and an ambulance coming up the road.  She looked back to where the creature was standing, but it had gone. “Wha?”  Carrie scanned the area for a sign of the man thing.  Maybe it had been a dream.  Just then something in the approaching lights caught her eye.  She picked it up and turned it over several times.  It looked like an old wallet, a bit worn, but a wallet all the same.  Carrie stuffed it into her coat pocket.  She wondered if she could be charged with hit and run, if the thing she had hit had run away.


Raphael watched as his brother scrambled away.  He stayed well back in the shadows and slipped behind him.  Now it was his turn to follow.


Leonardo floundered through the streets and into the park.  His body felt like it was somewhere in-between dead and dying.  He had to stop under a tree and rest.  He propped himself up against the trunk and held his right arm in his hand.  Tilting his head up he stared at the stars filtering through the leaves.  How could he have let it happen?  What was he going to do now?  He couldn’t go home in this state, that’s if he made it home!  What would his brothers say?  What would Splinter say?  One thing was sure; Raphael would never let this trump card go.  “Raphael.” He sighed.  What was it with his hotheaded brother?  Why did he feel the need to take the world on in a death match?  Endangering not only himself, but others also, without even a second thought.  What did he have to prove?  Did he really believe he was invincible?  Why couldn’t Raphael be normal?  Well, as normal as the others at least!   After a few more minutes of mental debate Leo struggled to his feet again.


After a long night Carrie got to her hotel.  She turned the key and opened the door.  “What a dive!”  She sighed as she entered the room.  But at this point she didn’t really care.  She had spent hours down the station, repeating her story until it sounded mad even to her.  In the end they let her go, without a body there wasn’t much they could hold her on.  “The perfect end to a lousy day!”  She groaned as she set down her cases.  Carrie let out a long sigh as she flopped on to the bed.  She was well past sleep now.  “Oww!”  Something dug into her thigh.  She reached into her coat pocket and pulled out the wallet.  She sat bolt upright, she looked the wallet over again, this time in the well-lit hotel room.  It was nothing special, a well worn, well used black leather wallet.  Carrie carefully unfastened the snapper.



As Leonardo rose from his hiding place his vision doubled.  The ground felt like it was moving beneath his feet.  The pain was increasing with each breath; he guessed that his adrenaline level was starting to drop.  It was at that moment he became aware of the large areas of raw flesh on his arm and legs.  Every muscle in his body felt like it had been pulled from the bone.  Blood had started to soak his coat and pads.  The combination of pain and blood loss made him feel light-headed, yet strangely fuzzy at the same time.  Leo slowed his breathing and drew in on himself.  I must avoid going in to shock.  He knew that he would have to rise above the pain, push through it, if he had any hope of survival.  He had to survive, who would protect his family, his friends, if not him.  Plus he wouldn’t give Raphael the satisfaction!  Why was he thinking like this?  It would take more than a car to stop things.  He would have to make it to April’s; after all she owed him a favour.


Raphael continued to watch his elder brother endeavour to stay on his feet.  The sly smile that had crept on to his face was growing rapidly.  It wasn’t that he enjoyed seeing his brother in pain, far from it!  As Raphael watched, his brother seemed a little less perfect by the minute.  Watch him until he’s safe; his subconscious broke in, then head for home.  After all he had seen enough action for one night.


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