Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Death by boredom


 Disclaimer:  I do not own any characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Mirage Publishing does.  I just like to torture them.







Michaelangelo walked into the living room and snuck over to the phone.  Flicking through a small black book he looked up to check if his brothers had noticed him.  Leo was sat on the floor by the coffee table playing patience with an old deck of cards. 

“Red Jack on Black Queen.” Raphael was spread out on the couch, staring into the space where the television once stood.  Leo glared at him before placing the card down.  Donatello was at the kitchen table merrily soldering away.  Michaelangelo quickly dialled the number and waited for it to pick up.


“Stacey!”  He enthusiastically pipped down the receiver.  “That one night we spent together was the most memorable of my life.  Huh?  Mikey, Michaelangelo.  Yeah that’s right the weird guy with a cat.  Huh?  So where have you been hiding all my life?  Oh hiding huh!  So how about we go out this evening?  Oh right, how about next week then? Oh, just how far head are you booked?  Oh well, have a nice decade.”  Michaelangelo turned towards the living room.  “Who else do I know?”  He asked himself flicking through his book.

“Give up you’re already up to Stacey Zella.”  Donatello’s voice came form the kitchen.  “Anyway didn’t Sensei say no phone calls and how where you planning on going out tonight?  We’re all grounded remember?”  Michaelangelo walked into the kitchen and shrugged.  “You can talk Mr circuit pants!”  Donatello looked up for a moment.

“Why are girls so tricky to date?”  Michaelangelo sighed to no one in particular.

“Dating anything with a pulse is tricky.”  Donatello looked up again.  “I’m better with plants.”

“But why are they so hard to understand?”  Michaelangelo moved round to the couch.  “Does my butt look big in this?”  He squeaked shoving his posterior towards Raphael, all he got was a grunt in reply.

“May I suggest you study the species of said girl?  Then maybe you will understand them better.”  Donatello went back to his work.  

“Study?  How?”  Michaelangelo stood to attention.

“You could start by watching them in their natural environment.”  Donatello said without looking up.

“Natural environment, huh?  You mean like the bedroom?”  A cushion hit Michaelangelo from behind.


The door creaked open and April struggled through with a large paper bag.

“Oh great the babysitters here!”  Raphael snorted.  “Please miss can I stay up late?  I promise not to wet the bed.”

“I’m surprised Splinter even went on his trip after the stunt you guys pulled.”  April glared at Raphael as she placed the bag on the table.

“Don’t remind me!”  Leo said looking up from his game.  “I still have the headache!”  April threw a small white container at Leonardo.  “These should help.” 

Leo turned the bottle over in his hand.  “How many should I take?”

“All of them should suffice!”  Raphael smirked.

“Hey, I can hear an annoying buzzing sound.”  Leo lowered the bottle.  “No wait, it was just Raphael.”

“That is an ineffective way to commit suicide.  Instead you should take one over the stated dose everyday for a month.”  Donatello looked up again. 

“Thanks Donny, I’ll keep that in mind if I ever feel the need to die a slow agonising and pointless death.”

“Oh yeah, before I forget.”  April dug through the paper bag.  “I have some of your mail here.”  She handed Donatello his and threw Leo’s over to him.

“Nothing for me?”  Michaelangelo asked.

“What’s the matter Mikey?”  Raphael turned to face him.  “Playgirl not accept your photos?”  Mikey poked his tongue out. 

“Excuse me doctor, but it hurts when I go like this.”  Michaelangelo said thumping Raphael on the arm.  Leo tore open the envelope.  “Well?”  Michaelangelo asked leaning over the back of the couch.

“I am eligible for a home improvement loan.”

Raphael looked around.  “It not like we can’t use one.”

“We could install a hot tub and then study girls in my natural environment!”  Michaelangelo’s eyes lit up.  April raised an eyebrow.  “You don’t want to know.”  Donatello informed her, he turned to Leo.  “What are the conditions?”

Leo read down the list.  “You have to be over 18.”

“Tick.”  Michaelangelo marked the air in front of him.

“You have to own your own home.”

“Tick, kinda.”

“You have to have a regular income from employment.”  Leo screwed the letter up.  “That’s us out then.”

“Aww it was fun while it lasted.”  Michaelangelo pouted.  A rude remark escaped from Raphael.

“Careful Raph or the babysitter will send you to your room.”  Michaelangelo taunted.

“I’d like to see her try.”  Raphael folded his arms across his chest.



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