Fun and Games


Fun and Games




Michaelangelo rested his chin on the back of the couch.  “No TV bites!”  He announced.  “Being grounded bites!”

“You should have thought of that before.”  April sighed.  “The question is; have you learnt anything from the experience.”  April sat down at the kitchen table.

“I’ve learnt that next time Raphael says, ‘you wanna have some fun’ I’m to say, not in this lifetime.”  Michaelangelo walked over to the table.  “Whatca doin’?”

“Paper work.”  April sighed. 

“Can I have some paper?”  Mikey asked, sitting down.

“Sure help yourself.”

Michaelangelo dug around in the paper bag, he pulled out several sheets of paper and a pen.  After a few minutes of scribbling he screwed the paper into a ball.  “Oh nuts!”  Donatello looked up.  “What’s wrong?  18 and still can’t color inside the lines?”  Michaelangelo chose to ignore his brother; he started rummaging around the bag again.  April glanced over after a while.  “Mikey, what are you doing?”

“The Fourth Division of Paper Clips has overrun the Drawing Pin Infantry, and General Correction Fluid has called for reinforcements.” 

“Can’t you do something a little less distracting?”  April took the small white bottle from Michaelangelo.

“Like what?  I am so bored!”  He wailed.

“Try playing a game or something.”

“Like what?”

“Ludo?”  April suggested taking the box of drawing pins off of Michaelangelo.


“How about chess?”  Donatello looked hopefully towards his brother.

“I said I was bored not desperate!”

“Look!”  April took the stapler away from Michaelangelo.  “If I give you a game to play, will you stop bothering me?”



April lead Michaelangelo and Donatello over to the coffee table in the living room, she pushed the cards off the table. “Hey, I was in the middle of a game!”  Leo protested.

“You were stuck anyway.  Right.”  April motioned Raphael over.  “We are going to play a little game.”

“What kind of game?”  Michaelangelo asked.

“A personality test.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?”  Leo sat back. “You’ll have to dig to find Raphael’s.”   April started to scribble down the letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper; she then tore it up into 26 separate pieces.  She scattered them on the table in the center of the group.  “Right, you pick a piece of paper.”  She demonstrated.  “Then the rest of the group has to describe you using the letter you have picked.” April held up her piece with ‘S’ written on it.  Four blank faces stared back at her, they could all think of a few words beginning with S, but no one dared to say them.

“Urm, sassy?”  Donatello ventured after a while.

“That’s it, you’ve got the idea.  Now do you think you could all play nicely while I get my work done.”  April patronised.  Leo took the first turn; he picked a scrap of paper and looked at it. “O.”  He informed the others.

“Obnoxious!”  Raphael blurted.

“Wait, wait a minute, I’ve got one.”  Michaelangelo tried to hold back a laugh.  “Obsessive!”  

“Opinionated!”  Donatello joined in.

“I am not!”  Leo turned the paper over, irritation beginning to show.

“Yeah?  What are you then?”  Raphael asked.

“Omnipotent.”  Leo proclaimed.

“Ha!  You wish!”  Raphael snorted

“Okay, okay, my turn.”  Michaelangelo wiped the tears from his face; he rooted through the pile of paper scraps.  “I.”

Leo was quick off the mark.  “Immature!”  Michaelangelo poked his tongue out.

“Irritating!”  Raphael added his opinion.

Donatello paused for a minute.  “Idle.”

“Well, I think I am interesting!”  Michaelangelo placed the scrap of paper off to the side.  “Donny, your turn.”

Donatello sighed as he picked up a scrap of paper. “A.”

“Aggravating!”  Raphael was first this time.

“A bore!”  Michaelangelo pushed out in-between hysterics.

“That doesn’t count.”  Leo groaned at Mikey.  “How about Awful?”

Donatello straightened up a little.  “Academical!” 

Raphael took his turn.  “I’ve got E.”

“Egotistical springs to mind!”  Leo shot.

“You what to come over here and say that?  I’ll punch you in the mouth!”

April looked up from her paper work.  “Remember play nice!  Splinter has asked me to note down everything you get up to.”  Raphael looked back at Leo.

 “May I have the pleasure of kicking your ass?”

“I am afraid I will have to politely decline your offer.”

“You pig headed prick!”

“That’s enough!”  Everyone looked up to see April standing over them.  “If you can’t play well together, you can go and clean your rooms!”  There was a chorus of groans as they slinked off to their rooms.


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