Water Sports


Water Sports




Michaelangelo stood back and looked at his newly cleaned room.  Hopefully no one would look under the bed and discover where most of the mess had gone.  Just then Raphael pushed in with two buckets of very cold water.  “What are those for?”  Michaelangelo asked, moving his comic book collection out of harms way.

“I’m gonna get Leo back and your gonna help me!”  Raphael set the buckets down.

“Do I have any say in this?”  Michaelangelo looked at the buckets, he could smell trouble already.

“Not if you what to see your next birthday!”  Raphael positioned him self and the two buckets in front of the door.  “Now go and ask Leo to come and help you.  Then get back here.”  Michaelangelo stood for a few minutes.  “What are you waiting for?”  Raphael asked picking up one of the buckets.


Michaelangelo stood before Leo’s bedroom door; he took a deep breath and knocked.  “Leo, can you come and help me with something?”

“Give me a minute.”  The reply came.  Michaelangelo hurried back to his room and closed the door behind him.  “Well?”  Raphael was waiting with one of the buckets in his hands.

“He said he would be a minute.”

“Perfect!”  An evil look crossed Raphael’s face.  “Make yourself useful and pick up a bucket Mikey.”


April looked up from her work; things were quiet, disturbingly quiet.  She put her papers down and went to check on the guys.  She could hear hushed voices behind Michaelangelo’s door; she hated to think what kind of mischief he was up to now. 


Hearing a noise the other side of the door Michaelangelo and Raphael readied themselves, widening their stance for the best execution of the plan.  The doorknob slowly turned and the door inched open.  Not wasting anytime Mike and Raph let loose with the buckets, the resulting high-pitched scream altered them to the fact that the wrong person had been hit.  Cautiously peeking out, they were met with a foreboding sight.  April stood stock still, dripping from head to toe; she raised her arms and flung them down in disgust, water flicking from the ends of her fingers.  On hearing the scream Leo burst out of his room in full battle mode.  “Who?  What?  Where?”  He stammered, trying to make sense of the scene before him.  Donatello looked out of his room, but he had the sense to return after seeing what was going on. Michaelangelo and Raphael suddenly felt like they were ten years old again.  April glared at them, pointing she boomed.  “You two, kitchen, now!”  They hurried off, blaming and pushing each other as they went.  April turned to face Leo; he backed up raising his hands.  “Nothing to do with me, I swear!”

“Find me some dry clothes, please.”  She stomped off to the bathroom, squelching as she went.  Leo returned shortly with the most suitable clothes he could find, he knocked on the bathroom door.  April opened it a little and glared at him.

“Urm, ninja black or standard issue suburban khaki?”  April grabbed the clothes from him.  “Don’t get cute with me!”  She slammed the door shut.


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