Time Out

Time Out




Leonardo walked in to the living room and sat down in the old armchair.  He looked over to Michaelangelo and Raphael sat at the kitchen table.  “You are in so much trouble.”  He smirked.

“Trust you!”  Raphael snapped.  “If you had been there a few seconds earlier I wouldn’t be in his mess!”

“You don’t rate me very highly do you?”  Leo leaned forward.  “Raphael, there are two things on this earth you don’t get wet.  Cats and April.”

“Your loving this, aren’t you?”

Leo sat back and smiled.  “I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”  Their verbal exchange was interrupted as April walked into the room, holding up a large pair of jeans that were threatening to drop round her ankles.  She pulled a piece of cord through the belt loops and knotted it as best she could.  “I guess this will have to do.”  She strode over to the kitchen table.  Raphael and Michaelangelo rose nervously out of their seats. 


“What do you have to say for yourselves?”  April demanded; she was met by silence.  “Can’t you two be left with out supervision for more than five minutes?”  April looked to each of the culprits in turn.

“It’s not my fault!”  Michaelangelo piped up.

“Go on!”  April folded her arms and waited.

“Raph made me do it.”

“Oh yeah?  How?  When did I point a gun at your head?”  Raphael glared at Mikey.

“You said I had to help, if I wanted to see my next birthday!”

“Your not going to believe him, are you?”  Raphael turned to April.  April looked at Raphael for a short time.  “Yes I am.”  She said flatly.  Raphael took on a defiant pose, folding his arms across his chest and trying to stare April down.  Michaelangelo looked at the floor.  “Is this going on our permanent records?”

“Are you sorry?”  April asked.

“Yes.” Michaelangelo replied shuffling his feet.  April turned to Raphael; his pose hadn’t changed in the least.  “What about you?”

“I’m sorry I didn’t hit Leo.”  Raphael puffed up, determined he wouldn’t be treated like a child.

“I think you will have to go to your room and think about what you’ve done.”  April did her best to sound like she meant business.

“You can’t send me to my room!  I’m an adult!”  Raphael raised his voice.

“Well then!” April placed her hands on her hips.  “Maybe you should act like one.  Until then you are on Time Out mister!”

“Fine!”  Raphael shouted before storming off.  The sound of a door slamming and several crashed unnerved April slightly.  She looked over to Leo.

“I hope that wasn’t anything of mine!”  He sighed.  “So when’s dinner?”


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