As requested an incident involving super glue






The Glue That Bonds





“What do you want to eat?”  April asked hiking the jeans up further.

“Whatever, food, anything.”  Leo answered fiddling with the pack of cards.  Michaelangelo went over to the refrigerator and peered in side.  “We are fresh out of anythings and we don’t have any whatevers.”

“How about Mac Donalds?”  Donatello suggested as he wheeled himself in on his computer chair.

“That’s not very healthy, is it?”  April pulled the cord a little tighter.  Donatello sorted through a stack of papers by the coffee table.  “Looks like you could do with gaining some weight.”  Before April could answer he wheeled himself off again in the direction of his room.  April turned to Michaelangelo.  “Do you think you can behave yourself while I go to the Drive Thu?”

“Me?”  Michaelangelo did his best to look innocent.  April grabbed her bag and headed out the door.  Michaelangelo stood silent for a while.  “You can come out now!”  He bellowed.  “She’s gone!”


Raphael walked into the living room and gave Leo a glare.  “And you, you little back stabbing twerp!”  He pointed a finger at Michaelangelo.  “You better sleep with one eye open tonight!”  Michaelangelo ignored Raphael and sat down on the recliner, clutching his doodle pad.  Raphael stood fuming before stomping of into the kitchen.

“While your out there.”  Leo called after him.  Raphael growled under his breath, it was then that inspiration hit him.  He started to rummage through the junk draws until he found what he was looking for.  Taking two mugs from the cupboard, Raphael unscrewed the top on the tiny tube.  He carefully applied the clear liquid down the handle of one mug.  Now, to put his plan into action.


Raphael entered the living room and handed one of the mugs to Leonardo.  “Here ya go.”  He thrust the other mug; handle facing outwards, towards his unsuspecting brother.  Michaelangelo looked up from his writing.  “What’s that for?”  Raphael pulled the mug back.  “It’s coffee, just the way you like it.  Ooo and look, it’s in your favorite mug!  Michaelangelo gave Raphael a wary look.  “What’s wrong with it?”


“You drink it first then!”

“Fine!”  Raphael took a large gulp from the mug  “See!” He said thrusting the mug back at Michaelangelo.  “No hard feelings?”

“Suppose not.”  Michaelangelo relented taking the mug by its handle.  He took a pensive sip, Raph was right, just the way he liked it.  Michaelangelo continued with his writing, the mug still held in his hand.  Raphael sat on the couch starting at him.

“What?”  Michaelangelo asked as he drank the last of the coffee.

“Nothing.”  Raphael smirked.

Michaelangelo tried to set the mug down on the coffee table.  A feeling of cold dread rushed through his body when he realised the mug was firmly stuck to his hand.  Raphael couldn’t contain his amusement any longer; he burst in to fits of uncontrollable laughter.

“You think that’s funny?”  Michaelangelo growled.  “We’ll see whose laughing when I staple your eyes shut!”

“What’s going on now?”  Leo asked looking up from his new game of Patience.

“This!”  Michaelangelo spun round to show Leo his hand.  Leo looked at the mug for a long time and then at Raphael.  “God Raph!  What did your last brain cell die of?”

“That will teach him to snitch on me.”  Raphael said with a renewed defiance.

“And just how are we going to get it off?”

“ I didn’t think about that.”  Panic swept across Raphael’s face, he was already in trouble as it was.  Why he glued a piece of crockery to his brother wasn’t something he wanted to explain to Splinter.

“You didn’t think?  Now there’s a surprise!”  Leo shot.


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