Solvent Solutions

Solvent Solutions




April entered the lair weighed down with several brown paper Mac Donald’s bags.  Where was everyone?  She set the bags down on the kitchen counter and went in search of her charges.


By now an emergency meeting was being held in the bathroom.  Donatello examined Michaelangelo’s hand; he turned it over and then gave the mug a small tug.  “Well it’s stuck.”  Donatello announced stepping back.

“Tell me something I don’t know!”  Michaelangelo was getting more irritated by the minute.

“What did you stick it on with?”  Donatello asked turning to Raphael.

“I dunno.  That stuff left over from when you made that starship model.”

“Hmm.”  Donatello rubbed his chin.  “Maybe if we pull it might come loose.”


April walked past the bathroom only to hear hushed voices from inside; she carefully pressed her ear against the door.

“OW!  It doesn’t bend that way!”  Michaelangelo growled.

“Mike, stop being such a woss and let me have a go.”  Raphael hissed.  April stood back from the door; she really didn’t want to know.  But curiosity got the better of her and she resumed listening.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!”  Michaelangelo whimpered.

“This isn’t working.”  Leo felt the need to state the obvious.

“Really?”  Raphael groaned.  “Any ideas oh omnipotent one?”

“Maybe we should break it off.”  Leo shrugged

“Nooooo!”  Michaelangelo’s anguished cry rang out.

“I meant the mug!”


“Do you need any help in there?”  April asked as she knocked on the door.  All four brothers fell silent; they exchanged horrified looks.

“Urm, no thank you.”  Donatello stammered.

“What’s the matter in there?”  April tried to open the door.  A state of panic descended on the bathroom.  Donatello quickly grabbed the handle to stop April from entering.

“Urm, er, it’s men’s troubles.”  Leo blurted.

“Oh!”  April moved back from the door.  “If you need my help, I’ll be in the living room.”  Donatello let out the breath he was holding as he listened to the retreating footsteps.  “She’s gone.”

 Michaelangelo glared at Leo.  “What did you have to tell her that for?!”

“Maybe we could try soaking it in a solvent of some sort.”  Donatello suggested.


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