Day Glow Pink

Day Glow Pink




“There, it’s off.”  Donatello placed the mug in the bathroom sink.  Michaelangelo looked at his hand despondently, he flexed it a couple of times.  “You took the skin with it!”

“Stop being such a baby.”  Raphael groaned as he lent against the wall, he turned and looked at Michaelangelo.  “You’re not going to tell are you?”

“What?  And risk being glued to the wall?”


“I think the coast is clear.”  Leonardo announced pressing his head against the door.  Michaelangelo got up and barged through.

“Wait, what about your Macdonald’s?”  Donatello called after him.  Michaelangelo paused and glared at his brothers.  “I’m not hungry!”  He hissed before flouncing off in the direction of his room.

“I guess we should get going, before this looks too suspicious.”  Donatello suggested.


April looked up from her magazine as the remaining three filed into the living room and made a beeline for the take away bags.  “Everything sorted?”

“Yes thanks.”  Leo replied not looking up.  Raphael hovered about for a bit before speaking up.  “Did you get me anything?”

“I got you a Happy Meal, I thought you could use it.”  April went back to her magazine.  “Anyway aren’t you supposed to be in your room?”  Raphael ignored her as he pulled out the small cardboard box.

“Ooo what toy d’you get?”  Leo mocked before being hit with a straw wrapper.


After the meal, the general banter continued, Donatello has snuck off to his room, leaving April, Leo and Raph to laugh about some joke or other.  Michaelangelo silently crept into the living room, hiding something behind his back.  He walked up to Leo and Raphael.  “Hey Mikey.  Over the sulks?”  Raphael grinned.  Michaelangelo revealed his hidden weapon and watched as Raphael’s face fell.  “That’s my paintball.”  Raphael was interrupted by two soft pops; he looked down to find his plastron covered in day glow pink paint.  “You little!  That stuff’s permanent!”  Leo stepped in between the warring pair.  “Now Mike.”  But before he could finish there was another soft pop.  Leo had been hit square on the chest.


April looked up from her magazine again just in time to see Michaelangelo tear through the room screaming “Sanctuary!”  Leo and Raph weren’t too far behind.  She lifted her magazine.  “Fight nicely boys!”  She shouted after them.