Leo stepped down from the small bus that had taken them to their mystery destination

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Okay!  Listen up!  This is a silly idea I got from watching too much late night TV.  The basic plot, if there is one, is that the guys have agreed to spend the night in England’s most haunted castle.  To either prove or disprove the existence of ghosts, are they real or are the guys being set up?  




The Scariest Place On Earth?


Chapter One:  Introductions.



Leonardo stepped down from the small bus that had snaked them to their mystery destination through many winding roads.  He looked up at the grey castle, which seemed to silently scream out a warning to the rolling English countryside.  The tall bent and racked towers scratched up into the burnt orange sky, ink dark clouds of depression loomed overhead.  Unseen hands clawed at your soul, tearing your will to live from your body.  Evil hung thick in the air and oozed down the castle walls.


“Isn’t this great?”  Michaelangelo came out of the bus with the usual bounce in his step.  He walked over to his brother; enthusiastically he grasped onto Leo’s shoulders and gave him a encouraging shake.  “I can’t wait!”


Donatello struggled through the inadequately small doors of the bus; he swung his old army backpack off his shoulder onto the hard unforgiving ground.  “An Englishman’s home is his castle.”  He sighed as he examined the vast mournful structure before him a chill wind whipped up at his coat, forcing him to hold it tighter about himself.

“Depressive.”  Leo muttered; his gaze trapped by the castle strong unwavering pull.  A small bonfire burning near the entrance threw eerie shadows across the wall.  They danced and flitted, creating hideous shapes before dying back into the gloom.

“You mean inspirational.”  Michaelangelo gasped.  “Can you imagine what went on inside those walls?”

“I’d rather not.”  Donatello and Michaelangelo turned in time to see a somber figure depart from the bus.  Raphael tipped his old worn hat back and glowered under the brim.  “Remind me, why we are here again?”


“You are here to seek the truth.”  All four of the traveling companions spun round to see a stooped thin haggard lady.  Her witch like features hid her true age from the world.  Her eyes glowed with the kind of knowledge you dare not ask for or invite.  The jet-black raven adoring her shoulder weighed up the four strangers with its deep endless eyes and slightly shook its jewel like feathers, as if welcoming doom itself.




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