The Scariest Place on Earth

The Scariest Place on Earth?

PG - 13


      **Third Place for Most Scariest/Spookiest 4th Annual Fan fiction Awards 2002**

               **Third Place for Best Suspense  The Fan fiction Competition, Hosted by Ziptango**                            

I am not quite sure where this fan fiction is headed.  I was inspired to write it one night while watching some really bad late night TV.  Read on and enjoy.

The guys agree to spend the night in England's most haunted residence, Chillingham Castle.  But are the ghosts all that they seem?

Chapter One:  Introductions

Chapter Two:  The Adventure Begins

Chapter Three:  Inside These Walls

Chapter Four:  Forgotten Souls

Chapter Five:  Chambers Of Passing

Chapter Six:  The Time Draws Closer 

Chapter Seven:  Final Resting Place   

Chapter Eight:  Atmospheric Alterations  

Chapter Nine: Bats 

Chapter Ten:  A Sense Of Evil

Chapter Eleven:  What Bell Tolls?  

Chapter Twelve:   When Paths Divide 

Chapter Thirteen:  Seek the Secrets  

Chapter Fourteen:  Blood That Runs As Rain

Chapter Fifteen:  Visions In The Night        

Chapter Sixteen:  Voices  


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