Scariest Place On Earth

The Scariest Place On Earth?


Chapter Fifteen:  Visions In The Night


Donatello’s head nodded and lolled, his sight became unfocused and fuzzy; a great nothingness sucked him down into the black swirling realms of sleep.  He snapped his head back, jerking himself in the bleak reality he had just escaped.  He must have fallen asleep, but for how long?  He glanced at the screen of the portable magnetometer that still rested in his clasp.  Dead, he really should have brought more batteries.  In certain, supposed haunted residences, batteries seemingly having the power sucked from them had been well documented.   The cold was really getting to him now; it was seeping through his clothes, soaking, freezing his bones.  Perhaps, perhaps if he was to move about a bit more he might warm up slightly.  Struggling to his feet was painfully slow as the blood began to flow back into his long forgotten limbs, the fizzy tingling sensation made moving even more uncomfortable.  Donatello did his best to stretch before kneading the feeling back into his hands. Just then a shifting in darkness caught his eye.  A low groan crackled, knifing its way through the stifling atmosphere as a door gradually swung open.  There had to be a rational explanation, Donatello mused, maybe his recent movements had disturbed something, a loose floorboard possibly, or the wind clawing at the walls outside was to the blame for the doors sudden sway.  Doubt slowly leaked into a small corner in his mind, its sharp fingers reaching out to poison his thoughts.  Had he not seen a movement by that very door just moments before?  He had to admit, something had drawn his attention to that area of the room. 


He placed the magnetometer on the floor before slouching the worn pack from his shoulders.  Frantically he fumbled through the pockets as fast as his numbed fingers would allow.  Ah, there they were, he never left home without them if he could help it.  His trusty night vision goggles made to his own outstanding ingenious design.  Carefully he slipped them into place over his eyes and scanned the room.  What was that!  Donatello felt his heart leap from his chest only to settle in his throat where it hammered.  A strange whooshing noise filled his ears.  There was an indistinguishable shape, but it was there none the less, showing by the door.  Donatello pushed the goggles up on to his sweat-drenched forehead; he squinted into the shadows and blinked several times.  Nothing?  Jittery, he scratched at the goggles attempting to reposition them over his eyes.  Still there!  His brow furrowed as Donatello concentrated hard on the object before him, it had to be an anomaly or a glitch with the night vision, he was leaning towards anomaly when he noticed something that froze the blood in his veins, the shape was moving towards him!  A shrill whine pierced the air sending Donatello reeling backwards.  The magnetometer!  But that wasn’t possible!   Fear began to quake his body, crawling under his skin; upon stepping back Donatello’s legs became ensnared in the straps of his backpack hurling him to the ground.  Turning on his belly he desperately clawed his way to the exit, throwing himself out of the room into the uninviting corridor beyond.  Panting heavily he kicked his legs free from the tangled strapping, sucking in large gulps of air Donatello tried to steady his nerves.


Michaelangelo stumbled blindly onwards, one trembling step after another.  What was that?  Did he just hear footsteps?  They were drawing nearer, bouncing off the walls and echoing through the length of the grim passage way.  Feverishly clutching the flashlight close to his chest Michaelangelo stood, stock still, rooted to the spot by some unimaginably powerful force.  He could hear the unearthly wailing and screaming, feel it squeeze the very life from his heart as the ‘thing’ closed in.  It would be on top of him any second!  Something loomed out of the blackness towards him, screeching wildly as it flailed its arms.  Using the only thing at hand to defend himself with, Michaelangelo brought it down upon his attacker with all his might.  The lamp of the flashlight connected with something solid creating a satisfying thud. 


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