Chapter Eleven: What Bells Toll

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Chapter Eleven:  What Bell Tolls?


Michaelangelo and Donatello tumbled into the corridor, the emptiness pressed in all around them, hastily they scrambled towards the Pink Room; the relentless pounding was now becoming desperate.  Michaelangelo reached the door first; he placed the palms of his hands flat against the rough surface of the wood, the door felt strangely warm under his anxious touch.  “Leo?  Raph?”

“Get this door open!”  Raphael’s voice wavered as the panic began to knot in his throat.  Instinctively Michaelangelo pressed his head to the door and strained, listening, but he couldn’t hear anything over his brothers’ frantic attempts to free themselves.

“What’s happening?”  He drew back slightly from the door and narrowed his eyes.  “What’s going on in there?”

“The door’s stuck fast, it won’t open.”  Leonardo’s calm voice filtered through.  Michaelangelo shot a worried look towards Donatello.  “Should I break it down?”

“If you want a dislocated shoulder and a huge repair bill, be my guest.”  Donatello rapped his knuckles against the large barrier.  “It’s solid oak.”

“What do we do?”  Michaelangelo returned his attention to the foreboding door.  “We can’t just leave them in there.”  Donatello paused, chin in his hand for a few minutes reflection.  “Well?”  Michaelangelo fidgeted, his impatience becoming more apparent.  

“Let’s think about this rationally, shall we?”  Donatello stepped forward and boldly grasped the door handle; gingerly he gave it a small twist.  A soft click jerked the handle, Donatello stopped and looked back towards Michaelangelo, worry had begun to furrow his forehead.  Donatello placed his other hand flat against the door, as he gave a sharp tug an elongated creak echoed out down the corridor ringing of the walls. 




The door crashed open, Donatello and Michaelangelo were shoved aside as Leonardo and Raphael hurtled out.  The brothers were bent double; hugging their knees as they both battled to control their erratic breathing.  “Are you two alright?”  Michaelangelo asked as he dusted off the seat of his pants.

“Room ….. bats …… full …… of!”  Raphael spluttered, making a strange whooping noise as he sucked in more air.  Donatello and Michaelangelo exchanged bewildered looks.  “Bats?”  They exclaimed in unison.

“Bats.”  Leonardo cut in, straightening himself up slightly.  “Hundreds, the room’s filled with them.”  Michaelangelo peered through the dark doorway, edging forwards he squinted into the deep blackness.  “Bats?  Where?”  He questioned before exchanging another glance with Donatello.  “They’re not there now.”

“What!?!”  Raphael pulled himself up and ran towards the room, catching himself on the doorframe he leant further into the room.  “But… but, the whole room was full of them.”  Looking over his shoulder Raphael pulled himself back in the corridor.  “Tell them Leo!”  All eyes turned towards Leonardo, the stillness that invaded the corridor was unnerving.  A wry smile crept across Michaelangelo’s face.  “Oooh I get it,” he turned to look at Raphael, who was still propped against the doorframe, “big bad Raph got spooked!”  Raphael’s expression soured as his brother continued to poke fun.  “Is Raphy-waphy scared? Did he forget his blankey?  Aww do you want to hold my hand?”

“How’d you like a fat lip to go with that fat head of yours?”  Raphael growled through his teeth.




Leonardo quietly watched, hardly noticing the argument unfolding before him.  Raphael and Michaelangelo were now very close as the banter continued to fly.  Donatello was franticly agreeing with both sides of the argument in a desperate bid to defuse the situation.  Leonardo looked towards the now dark emptiness of the Nursery; soon he began to lose himself in thought.  What was happening?  Were the bats really there?  They had to be; he couldn’t have imagined them and what were the odds of Raphael and himself having the exact same dream?   Suddenly a noise penetrated his mind, faint, and shrill but oddly enticing.  Leo disregarded the noise as his doubts resurfaced.  How were they getting in, had someone let them in and if so, how?  Again the noise broke through, dull and metallic, calling like the toll of a bell




“If you weren’t an idiot, I’d pop you one!”  Raphael snarled curling his hands into tight fists. 

“Don’t let that stop you.”  Michaelangelo shot back wearing an amused smirk.  Next to watching Jackass, goading Raphael was the most fun he could have with the minimum of effort.  Raphael tensed, slowly drawing his arm back, concentrating as much power as he could he readied himself.  Leonardo abruptly caught the crook of his raised arm, causing him to stumble a little.  “What the hell did you do that for!?”  Raphael demanded, shrugging off his brother.  Leonardo pressed a shaky finger to his lips and motioned for him to shush.  “Listen.”

The four brothers stared wide-eyed at each other, hardly daring to breathe.  Their senses were bombarded; the shrill whine fluctuated and pitched before seemingly moving away from the group, a thick acrid burning swept past them dissolving into shadows.  “What is that?”  Michaelangelo asked, the fight quickly forgotten. 

“I don’t know, but I’m going to find out!”  Leonardo sounded a little braver then he felt.

“Wait just there!”  Donatello rushed back into the Nursery trying to contain his excitement.

“Y-you mean you want us to follow it?”  Raphael stuttered in disbelief.

“Unless you’re too scared.”  Michaelangelo grinned as he took the flashlight Donatello handed to him.








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