Chapter Four: Chambers Of Passing

 Chapter Five:  Chambers Of Passing




It felt like they had been climbing forever, ascending the narrow stairways that were barely wide enough to allow each traveller through.  Michaelangelo could swear the air was getting thinner the higher they clambered.  Mr Felsen stopped halfway through the journey; he took his old greying handkerchief from his front pocket and mopped the back of his neck.  “Shall we continue?”  Mr Felsen asked placing the soiled cloth back in his pocket.  There was an unnerving pause before they set off once again, upward.  The group finally reached the top only to find their way barred by a dark and robust door, Mr Felsen began to fiddle with a large bunch of keys that hung from his belt loop, straining his trousers with their weight.


A dull clank echoed down the winding stairway as the lock surrendered to the tarnished key.  The door slowly swung on its hinges to reveal a sparse cold and uninviting room, a lonely chair stood in the corner of the room, mourning the loss of its owner.  “This is the Chamber.”  Mr Felsen announced thrusting his arm through the door.

“Why is the door locked?”  Donatello asked amazed that anyone would feel the need to secure a room so difficult to reach, with only a chair to keep it company.

“This is a room of great sorrow and regret.”  Miss Lydon spoke up from the shadows causing everyone to jump slightly.  “There is much residual energy trapped in this room, no one has lasted the night in this chamber.”

“That is correct.”  Mr Felsen interjected.  “Many people have been compelled to take their lives when staying in this room.  The most recent of which was a chef at the castle’s hotel.  He retired to this Chamber one night, the next morning his body was found, hanging from the rafters.  We no longer use this room and keep it locked at all times.”  Mr Felsen turned back to his captive audience.  “You can almost sense his body, still slowly swinging to and fro.”  Raphael pushed his way to the front of the group, he stood in front of the doorway looking in, something possessed him to test out Mr Felsen’s words.  His brothers watched frozen as he defiantly stepped into the room and made his way to the middle.  An eerie calm descended upon the brothers as they watched Raphael move around the room.  He turned back to the group and shrugged.  “Nothing.” 

“You would be wise not to anger the spirits of this castle.”  Miss Lydon fixed Raphael with an icy glare, which Raphael returned.

“Well then.”  Mr Felsen cleared his throat.  “If you are quite finished, I will show you to the rooms you will be resting in.”  Raphael strode out of the chamber, keeping his gaze firmly fixed on Miss Lydon, her face and slight smile betrayed her amusement.


Mr Felsen quickly heaved the door shut and locked it tight; he gave it a little push as if to reassure everyone that nothing was going in, or coming out of that room.  “This way, please.” He pointed back down the stairwell.  A small exhausted groan escaped before everyone began the journey back down.


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