Chapter Seven: Final Resting Place

Chapter Seven:  Final Resting Place



“And here we have the Nursery.”  Mr Felsen whirled round with such force he stirred the dust around him into the air.  Donatello staggered back gasping for breath as if he were drowning in shock.  “Again, there have been many reports of s-t-r-a-n-g-e behaviour emulating from this room.”  Mr Felsen’s eyes flicked from face to face, before finally resting on the withered form of Miss Lydon.  “Do you feel strong enough to continue my dear?”  He extended a podgy hand waiting to pull her back into the awareness of the others.


“Thank you, Derry dear.”  She rasped; straightening her age racked body.  Raphael was sure he could hear her creaking as she went.  “The presence that has been felt in this room is now tragically fading.”  Miss Lydon turned her pain washed face to the door before slowly opening it.  A strange feeling enveloped the now cold and fatigued group, a sense of something playful, of something watching them.  “The spirit of an infant will remain ever trapped in this room, prison if you will.”  Miss Lydon reached up to her forehead and began to rub her temples with her aged thumb and fingers.  Suddenly she snapped out of her trance and dramatically toppled back into Mr Felsen’s outstretched arms.  “Weak, very weak.”  She murmured.


“I think that’s enough of our little ‘tour’, you all understand I am sure.”  Mr Felsen jostled Miss Lydon in his arms, her pale arms flailing.  “It has all been a draining night for dear old Maggie.”  He declared as he began the task of propping her up against the harsh stonewall.  “This is where you will be spending the night, as I said.  I am sure that you will be most comfortable.”  His ample grin did nothing to lift the spirits of those around him.


The journey back to the Great Hall appeared to take longer, the chill bit into the group, distorting their minds, causing their skin to tingle with numbness.  They each fought the tiredness creeping up on them from the shadows.  Finally the dim candle lit room loomed into view; their absence has done nothing to warm the place.  An eerie wind still rocked the chandelier, throwing deceiving shadows onto every surface.  Mr Felsen gave the signal to halt, the group huddled together in the centre of the room, sharing what little warmth they had.


“This is were we leave you now, to your night of mystery, adventure and the unknown.”  Mr Felsen theatrically raised his face and hands to the rafters.  He stood frozen for what seemed like hours the swiftly dropped his arms and lowered his gaze.  “Last chance to turn back before it’s too late, nobody, good.” The corners of his eyes creased with joy. “I trust you will have a most enjoyable evening.  We have gathered an array of equipment to help you in your search for the supernatural.”  Mr Felsen waved his hand at the table.  “I’m sure you will find them most useful.”


“The portals to the spirit world have been opened.  Beware mortals, for the hour of reckoning is at hand!”  Miss Lydon proclaimed to the hushed room.  “We leave you know only with your faith and wits to protect you.”  With the quiet rustle of a cloak and the clatter of keys Miss Lydon and Mr Felsen departed.



“This is awesome!”  Michaelangelo’s voice echoed through the stillness.  The three remaining brothers exchanged glances.


“I wish I had your enthusiasm Mikey.”  Leo walked over to his pack and hauled it on to his shoulder. 


“It is unlikely that we will indeed see anything supernatural or even experience anything paranormal.”  Donatello paused to slide his army pack from the table, nearly buckling under the weight.  “Most of the stories associated with this castle are probably legends and rumours that have become warped with time.”


Michaelangelo looked at Donatello from over his shoulder.  “Well, looks like someone forgot to pack their sense of adventure.”  He spun round and flashed toothy grin.  “Come on, what’s the matter with you?”  This is going to be fun.”


“Yeah right.”  Raphael snorted, kicking his pack across the damp slippery floor.


“Anyway.”  Leo interrupted sensing an argument beginning to surface.  “I suggest we get settled down for the night, we could all use a rest.”


Michaelangelo made a high pitched whining noise.  “Do we have to?”


“I’ll take the Nursery, Raph you come with me.  Don and Mikey will take the Pink room.”  Leo continued blocking out Michaelangelo’s protests.


“Wait a minute!”  Raphael stepped forward.  “I ain’t sleeping in no Nursery!”


“Fine.”  Leo narrowed his eyes.  “We’ll take the Pink room.”  Raphael glared menacingly shaking his head.


“Paper, rock, scissors?”  Michaelangelo suggested.  Everyone looked at each other before nodding their heads  “Okay on then.”








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