Pay Up

Pay Up




“Come on!”  Raphael gestured for Michaelangelo to follow him as he headed for the shop.  They reached it only to find a note clinging to the automatic glass doors, ‘Please youse kiosk windoe’ stood out in sloppy black writing.  Raphael groaned as he made his way to the kiosk, Michaelangelo stayed reading the note a few times over before skipping off to catch up with Raphael.


The sales assistant was rocking back in his chair, feet wedged up against the counter.  A small color television, showing some corny soap opera commanded most of his attention.  Raphael tapped on the glass of the window, just above the little grill you have to shout through.  The sales assistant looked at him still not quite all there.  “Eh?”  He muttered shoving a handful of chips in his mouth.  Raphael let out a sigh before beginning, how he hated dealing with the general public.  “Pump number two isn’t working right.  It failed to cut out and spilt gasoline, take three dollars off.”  Raphael paused before forcing out a “Please.”  The sale assistant looked a Raphael as if he had dropped in from another planet.  “No speak English. K?”  Raphael’s face soured a little as he mulled over the man’s words.  A small smirk crept out on Michaelangelo’s face; he loved watching his brother interact with humans.  The sales assistant’s attention had been grabbed by the television again.  “I won’t pay.”  Raphael bent slightly so that his words would travel through the grill unhindered.  The assistant leapt up from his chair.  “Whadda mean you won’t pay?”

“Ah, so you do speak English.”  Raphael smiled, smug that his plan had paid off.  The assistant suddenly looked trapped.  “Knock three dollars off and I will think about paying you.”  Raphael continued.

“Two dollars.”  The assistant puffed up a little.

“Two fifty.”

“Two dollars or I call police.”  Raphael relented and slipped the cash through the slot.


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