Michaelangelo and Raphael walked back towards the car, Raphael muttering under his breath about dumb assed humans

Michaelangelo and Raphael walked back towards the car, Raphael muttering under his breath about dumb assed humans.  Just before they reached their destination Michaelangelo froze in mid step.  Raphael looked behind to see what was holding up his brother. Michaelangelo stood there, a pained expression passed over his face.  “I gotta go!”  He said finally.


“What, now?”  Raphael replied.  Michaelangelo managed a nod as he nervously shuffled his weight from side to side.  “I thought I told you to go before we came out.”  Raphael sighed in exasperation.


“I didn’t need to go then!”  Michaelangelo protested, his expression getting desperate.

“You shouldn’t have drunk all that pop.”  Raphael’s face crumpled into an irritated scowl.  “Come on.”  He hissed turning back towards the shop.  After several minutes of saying the word ‘restroom’ and arguing with the sales assistant, Raphael triumphantly held the key in his hand.  They slowly wondered over to the small dark buildings at the other end of the forecourt.   Raphael fiddled with the key trying to get it to work in the rusted padlock.  “Hurry up!”  Michaelangelo squirmed and jigged about.  “Hold it in, do a dance, that’s the way to keep dry pants.”  He kept saying to himself over and over.  Eventually the padlock gave up the fight and the door to the Men’s Restroom swung open.  Michaelangelo gave a silent prayer as he tried to push past Raphael.  The room was cold, dank and lit by only one flickering strip light, which emitted a low buzzing sound.  The floor was a mess, soggy paper towels all over the place, not to mention the pile of needles thoughtfully placed in one corner by some desolate drug user.  It was then the smell hit him, Michaelangelo recoiled in horror, covering his face with his arm he backed out of the room as fast as he could, almost bowling Raphael over on the way.


“What’s wrong now?”  Raphael growled after managing to right a stumble.

“I am NOT going in there!”  Michaelangelo pointed towards the restroom.  “It smells like a sewer!”  Raphael looked at Mikey as if he had stepped in something nasty.  “And?”  Michaelangelo shot him a dirty look.  “Can’t you hold on?”

“Nooo!” came a squeak.

“Go behind a bush or something.”  Michaelangelo scanned the vast concrete space and gave Raphael another look.  “Maybe the Ladies isn’t so bad.”  Raphael suggested setting to work on the padlock.

“If you think I’m going in there, you’re crazy!”  Michaelangelo folded his arms across his chest.

“Aww come on, who’s gonna know?  I’ll even stand guard for you.”  A sly smile crept across Raphael’s face.


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