Trouble ten

Trouble ten




Raphael burst into the lair closely shadowed by Michaelangelo.  “What is it?  What does it say?  Show me!”  Michaelangelo hopped around Raphael, hoping to steal a look at the small black book.  Raphael wore a smug smile as he made his way to Donatello’s room; he barged in without knocking.  Quickly minimizing something on the desktop Donatello spun round on his computer chair and glared at the intruder.  “Come in.”  He sighed on catching sight of his brother.  Michaelangelo poked his head round the door.  “What’s going on?”  He demanded.  Raphael clutched his prize close to him and walked over to Donatello.  “Can you search through police records on this thing?”  He asked pointing to the small monitor perched on a crate of some sort.

“Why?”  Donatello asked as his suspicions rose.

“Can you or can’t you?” Raphael growled.

“Well that all depends.”  Donatello folded his arms and sat back.  “Oh how nicely you ask.”  Raphael turned to Donatello with an indomitable look.  “Do it now!”  His tone indicated he meant business.

“Okay!”  Donatello wheeled himself closer to the keyboard, which rested across the desk’s open draw.  Michaelangelo sneaked in a little further craning his neck to see what was going on.  After several minutes of key tapping and mouse clicking Donatello sat back.  “Hmmm, there seems to be a faulty interface somewhere.”  Raphael gripped the back of the computer seat and leaned in closer.  “I think the faulty interface lies between the chair and the keyboard.”  he hissed.  Donatello turned sharply in the chair causing Raphael to lose his grip.  “Are you suggesting that I can’t do it?”

“Seems that way to me.”

“Do what?”  Michaelangelo tried to push in nearer.  Donatello turned back to the computer; a new determination had risen in him.  Raphael and Michaelangelo watched as Donatello pounded away on the keys.  “First we have to look for a back door.”  Donatello explained.  “Then it’s only a matter of finding the right codes.”  He shuffled through a pile of papers and dug out a small black disk from a box on the floor. 

“How long will this take?”  Raphael asked sitting down on the bed.

“Approximate or estimated time?”

“American time, you know hours minutes and seconds!”

Donatello failed to answer as he pushed the disk in to the computer’s floppy drive.  A small window opened up, filled with what looked like serial numbers.  Trawling down the list Donatello picked one and copied it, pasting it into the required box he hit the return key and prayed.




Flashed up on the screen.  Donatello quickly ran through the motions again as if they were second nature.




Donatello started to search feverously through the pile of papers.  “Three strikes and we’re out.”  He informed Raphael without even looking at him.  Raphael sat up and stared at the screen.  “So, are we going to get in?”

“Third time’s a charm.”  Donatello copied, pasted and prayed once more.




“Yes!”  Michaelangelo shouted leaping up from his seat.

“As if there was any doubt.”  Donatello sat back as Raphael came over to the screen.

“This is the NYPD website.  I wanted to search the criminal records.”  Raphael stood back from the computer and looked at his brother.

“Oh ye of little faith.”  Donatello hit a key and a database window sprung up.  Raphael stared at the screen,  “Great!”  He indicated to the keyboard.  “Do a search on Carrie Ryan.”

“Where is this going?”  Donatello asked looking up to his brother, confusion plastered across his face.

“Don’t ask just do!” 

Donatello sighed and typed in the details, he hit the return key and a little egg timer sprung into life.

“What’s it doing?”  Michaelangelo asked.

“Searching.”  Donatello said simply.  There was an almost inaudible beep as the computer finished its task.




“That can’t be right!”  Raphael started to flick through the book.  “Can you search all the constituencies?” 

Donatello entered the details again, the three brothers crowded in as they waited for the egg timer to stop rotating.




“There!  Are you satisfied?”  Donatello wheeled back a little.  “Can we wrap this up now?  I don’t fancy having the Government knocking on my door with a warrant for my arrest.”

“Can they do that?”  Michaelangelo looked over a little worried.

“Try under Robyn Hunter.”  Raphael ordered closing the book.

“Fine!  If you promise to drop this and leave me alone!”  Donatello carefully entered the details for a third time.  Suddenly a new page flashed up before their eyes.




Underneath was a picture of Carrie and a long list of arrests and convictions.

“Muggings, armed robbery, drugs offences, aggravated assault, affray.”  Raphael read down the list.  “I knew it!”  Raphael whooped banging his fist down on the desk before walking out.  Donatello sat dumbfounded for a few moments.  “Not very nice to know is she?”  He finally said turning to Michaelangelo.  Michaelangelo squinted at the screen.  “Solicitation?”  He questioned.



Leo wondered the brightly lit corridors.  “Can’t miss it.”  He repeated.  “Yeah right!”  Eventually he found a pay phone stuck to the wall.  He hunted around in his pockets for some lose change, just enough for one call, he’d better make it a good one.  He lifted the receiver and waited for the dial tone.  After pushing his money in the slot he dialled his home number.  The phone rang and rang.  “Pick up!”  He growled.  After about the tenth ring Leo hit the next call button.  He punched in April’s cell phone number by memory.  It rang twice and picked up.

“Hi this is April. I can’t get to my phone right now, but if you leave your name and number I’ll get back to you.”

“Damn answer service!”  Leo hissed, slowly losing his temper.  He waited for the beep.  “Hi April, It’s Leo.  Just a social call to let you know that I am standing in the maternity department of a hospital waiting for Carrie to give birth!  You’d better hope I don’t get hold of you when you get back!”  Leo slammed the receiver back in place; at least that made him feel a little better.  He turned only to be confronted by a rather worried looking elderly gentleman.

“Urm, er, mother-in-law.”  Leo shrugged to the elderly man; who smiled and nodded in response.



((Yes! I managed to find this story after it was lost in a large computer type black hole!  The question is, should I continue?))


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