Garden Of Friendship Christmas 2001


December 22, 2001

Our email is normally filled with spam,
a few from our friends and the groups we belong to.
On a very special day not long ago
There appeared a Angel ..
They have been daily filling my inbox with love,
joy and compassion.
Legend has it .. this Angel was feeling down
He/She could have fallin down and given up ..
Instead ..
They turned their own misfortune around and
Gave of themselves to many others.
ONE of those many others .. was "ME".

I do not possess the words nor the phrases to sound
eloquent .. and express how wonderful this Angel
has been to me and what joy their attentions have brought.

Thank you .. Santa's Secret Angel ..
May God Bless you with health, peace and happiness
You have earned your golden wings. *HUGS* ..

Gifts Received From Santa's Secret Angel.

I am not a poet, nor graphics-artist-to-be,
but I am very thankful for your attentions to me,
You give of yourself and your time for other's pleasure
and for this Dear "Secret Angel" .. I will always treasure!!

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