Thunderbolts: Deceiving Appearances Thunderbolts 2

"Deceiving Appearances" (1997/05/01) from Thunderbolts 2 (May 1997)
Reprinted in Thunderbolts: First Strikes and in Thunderbolts: Justice Like Lightning

Reader Rating: Above Average

Roll Call: Atlas, Citizen V (Zemo), MACH-1, Meteorite (Moonstone), Songbird, Techno

Summary: From his jail cell in The Vault, the Mad Thinker sends his astonishing, adaptable android to abduct Franklin Richards. The T-Bolts vow to stop him.

Continuity: The T-Bolts are given access to Four Freedoms Tower. Dallas appears in her role as Mayoral liaison. Hallie remains in the clutches of her abductors.

Comments: The dynamic, emerging personalities of the Bolts, and the complex layers of the Big Con, make this a worthy follow-up to the stunning debut issue.

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