Thunderbolts: Justice...Like Lightning! Thunderbolts 1

"Justice...Like Lightning!" (1997/01/00) from Thunderbolts 1
Reprinted in a second printing, in Thunderbolts: First Strikes, and in Thunderbolts: Justice Like Lightning

Reader Rating: Extraordinary; Thunderbolts Interest: Extreme

Roll Call: Atlas, Citizen V (Zemo), MACH-1, Meteorite (Moonstone), Songbird, Techno

Summary: The Thunderbolts make a splashy debut, foiling the scavenging efforts of the Rat Pack in post-Onslaught New York City. Then they are lured into battle with the Wrecking Crew (Bulldozer, Piledriver, Thunderball, and the Wrecker.)

Hallie is abducted by the Rat Pack and imprisoned in an unknown location.

Cameo appearances from the Black Widow, the New Warriors (including Kaemera, Night Thrasher, Nova and Speedball), and Spider-Man.

Continuity: While this is the fourth episode published, it is the earliest sequentially and marks the team's public debut. Hallie Takahama and Dallas Riordan make their first appearances.

Comments: Wow. A double-length debut with no wasted space. Mark Bagley and Vince Russell generate action scenes that pack an impressive wallop. Kurt Busiek scripts characters that are crisp and intriguing. And then there’s that astonishing secret! Did I say, "Wow!"!?

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