Thunderbolts: Unstable Elements! Thunderbolts 7

"Unstable Elements!" Thunderbolts 6 (September 1997)
"The Revolt Within" Thunderbolts 7 (October 1997)
"Songbird: Alone!" Thunderbolts 8 (November 1997)

Reader Rating: Above Average

Roll Call: Atlas, Citizen V (Zemo), Jolt, MACH-1, Meteorite (Moonstone), Songbird, Techno

Summary: The Elements of Doom – living personification of 109 elements – attack New York City. After some initial skirmishes, the T-Bolts defy Citizen V’s orders to attack the Elements’ stronghold. Brief appearances from Daredevil, Heroes for Hire (Luke Cage, Iron Fist, White Tiger), Firestar, Justice, Magdalene, New Warriors (Nova, Rage, Speedball), Spider-Man, and Swordsman.

Continuity: Zemo uses the Bolts’ plight to force Dallas to get The Avengers’ secret files released; Techno is killed (but gets better). Zemo's middle initial is established as "J." Techno discovers that Atlas' growing powers are now fully powered by his ionic nature. To follow continuity for the human P. Norbert Ebersol, jump to "Redemption?" ( 2001/03/01).

Comments: Strong and satisfying story-telling. Jeff Johnson substitutes for Mark Bagley in "The Revolt Within," and his art is generally a pleasant diversion…although the faces tend to make the Bolts look like the cast of Dobie Gillis. (That’s not Techno imprisoned in the Elements’ citadel, it’s Maynard G. Krebs!)

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