Thunderbolts: Scene from Savage Rebirth! Atlas and Techno spy on Spidey, from Amazing Spider-Man 430

Scene from "Savage Rebirth!" (1997/12/04) from Amazing Spider-Man 430 (January 1998)

Roll Call: Atlas, Citizen V (Zemo), Techno

Summary: Overjoyed at the return of the heroes, Spider-Man swings by Four Freedoms Plaza to see the FF, forgetting that it is now the Thunderbolts’ HQ.

Continuity: Atlas, Techno and Citizen V watch Spidey swing by. Only the opening pages, 1-3, are part of Thunderbolts continuity.

Comments: While only the first three pages involve the ‘Bolts, the main plot – involving the Silver Surfer and the alien symbiote called Carnage -- is very entertaining and well worth your time.

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