Thunderbolts: V for Victory...Again! Captain America/Citizen V '98

"V for Victory…Again!" (1998/11/02) from Captain America/Citizen V Annual 1998

Reader Rating: Average; Thunderbolts Interest: High

Summary: In flashback to WW II, Captain America and Bucky join forces with Citizen V to stop Baron Heinrich Zemo from launching a bomb at Britain.

In present day Cap joins with the new Citizen V to battle Helmut Zemo and Techno, who plan to launch their own weapon that would wipe out global communications.

The Thunderbolts (Atlas, Jolt and Moonstone) appear in a one-panel flashback.

Continuity:Dallas Riordan, the new Citizen V, changes her look to acknowledge her sex. Zemo and Techno formally end their long association, although they will work together once more in "The Avengers and the Thunderbolts" (Ebersol/Next).

Summary: A lot of interesting information about the new Citizen V is revealed – and a lot more withheld – in the course of a rather pedestrian adventure. Zemo’s relationship with Techno is nicely defined.

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