Thunderbolts: Guardian Devil

Tragic showdown, from Daredevil 5 "Guardian Devil"
Scene from "The Devil's Distaff" Daredevil 4 (February 1999)
"The Devil's Despair" Daredevil 5 (March 1999)

Reader Rating: Average; Thunderbolts Interest: Medium

Summary: Daredevil is caught up with an apparently mystical baby. A mysterious enemy sends Bullseye to abduct the child from the sanctuary where DD has left it -- the church where DD's mother serves as a nun and his girlfriend, Karen Page, is visiting. In the ensuing battle, Bullseye kills Karen.

Continuity: Bullseye's involvement starts in the last two pages of "Distaff".

Bullseye shows up for what amounts to a cameo -- just barely long enough to kill another of DD's tragic girlfriends -- before leaving town. In the much larger story, the holy-or-evil baby is the linchpin in a wildly complex fraud perpetuated by Mysterio.

Writer: Kevin Smith; Penciler: Joe Quesada; Inker: Jimmy Palmiotti

Comments: I am astonished that this storyline (which launched the Marvel Knights imprint) is so well respected. The script is wordy and pompous. Action sequences are rare and ineptly laid out. Quesada's art is nicely detailed, but his figures are weirdly exaggerated in the face and extremities. And, seriously, Mysterio? What a crock.

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