Thunderbolts: Hardcore

Super-cool badass, from Daredevil 49 "Hardcore" Parts 3 and 4 Daredevil 48-49 (August-September 2003)

Reader Rating: Average; Thunderbolts Interest: Medium

Summary: Bullseye's returns, this time helping the Kingpin to rebuild his criminal empire by -- you guessed it -- killing Daredevil.

Continuity: Start on page 11 of chapter 3. This is Bullseye's first appearance with the bull's-eye tattoo on his forehead. Daredevil makes it even more permanent by outlining it with a rock. The Hardcore story arc has two preceeding chapters and one following but Bullseye does not appear in them so, really, who cares.

(Note: The miniseries The Target features Bullseye with the tattoo and was published earlier, but it remains imcomplete.)

Story: Brian Michael Bendis; Art: Alex Maleev

Comments: Bendis' script is wordy and awkwardly paced. Maleev's art is moody but static; there's no motion. Where Daredevil, the character, is bristling with intensity, the storytellers fail to inject any into Daredevil, the comic.

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