Thunderbolts: Bullseye - Greatest Hits

Bang! from Bullseye: Greatest Hits 5 "Bullseye: Greatest Hits"
"The Last Place on Earth" Bullseye: Greatest Hits 1 (November 2004)
"Constriction" Bullseye: Greatest Hits 2 (December 2004)
"Ego Trip" Bullseye: Greatest Hits 1 (January 2005)
"Make Your Mark" Bullseye: Greatest Hits 4 (February 2005)
"Into the Fire" Bullseye: Greatest Hits 5 (March 2005)

Reader Rating: Above Average; Thunderbolts Interest: High

Summary: After stealing nuclear warheads, Bullseye is caught and imprisoned in a top secret facility. As interrogators try to learn the location of the nukes, Bullseye provides some information about his past.

Bullseye recalls: The childhood event where he (or his brother) tried to set his abusive father on fire; His brief career as a professional baseball player; Battles with the Black Widow (1979/07/02), Daredevil (1977/06/01), Elektra (1982/04/01), and the Punisher.

Continuity: Bullseye reveals that his given name is Leonard. He claims to have a living brother, Lester, who "has three kids and lives in Idaho." His father worked for the NSA, and Bullseye kills him in the finale of this story.

Writer: Daniel Way; Artist: Steve Dillon

Comments: Nicely produced and reasonably suspensful.

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